5 Majorca Tourist Attractions That Should Not Be Missed

By on February 17, 2016

Majorca is a very gorgeous and beautiful Mediterranean island featuring stunning scenery, delicious cuisine and beautiful weather. Majorca is also called by the name Mallorca. Majorca is the largest among the Balearic Islands and possesses a rugged landscape.

Luxuriously wooded hillsides and the Rocky Mountains are found falling steeply down the sea. The dramatic cliffs and the picturesque coastline offer sensational views along with the pristine coves that sparkle in crystal-clear waters.

The charming villages and the historic towns of this island also delight the vacationers. Major Majorca tourist attractions include ancient castles, art museums and medieval churches.

Top Majorca Tourist Attractions

Some of the most popular Majorca tourist attractions that should not be missed during your visit are included below:

Palma Cathedral

Majorca Tourist Attractions - Palma Cathedral

Photo Credits: Jose Manuel Alvarez Simo

Palma Cathedral is also referred as La Seu, or Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma. This glorious structure lends Majorca the impression of one of the best tourist destination in Spain. The structure appears in the form of an inspiration of faith. It is a monumental sandstone structure dating back to the 13th century. It features various beautiful sculptural decorations.

Robert Graves House in Deia

Majorca Tourist Attractions - Robert Graves House

Photo Credits: ravenhay

Robert Graves House is one of the popular Majorca tourist arrtractions. Robert Grave was a great novelist, historian, author and poet who spent his entire life in his house located on the border of the Deia village. The rooms in the house contain his belongings and furniture and they look quite original without any major modifications.


Majorca Tourist Attractions - Binissalem

Photo Credits: juan risco espin

This is a village in Majorca which is known for the wines that it makes. Much of Majorca’s wines are manufactured here. The village has also been awarded the designation of origin status. Most wineries in this village remain open for the public.

Port de Soller

Majorca Tourist Attractions - Port de Soller

Photo Credits: Marion

This is an attractive bay that features calm and serene waters perfect for swimming enthusiasts and pedestrian walkways at the beach. There are several cafes and restaurants at the waterfront. The tram mechanism here makes it easy for the tourists to reach the Soller town.

365 Calvari Steps

Majorca Tourist Attractions - 365 Calvari Steps

Photo Credits: David McGinlay

Walking at the 365 Calvari Steps can turn out to be very challenging. However, there are some places where one can stop and admire the sights including some shops. Views from the top of the Calvary Steps are amazing with cypress trees lined along.

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