5 Important Traveling To Italy Tips

By on July 6, 2015

Italy is one of the most popular European countries that remains packed with visitors and vacationers all throughout the year. More than 46 million holiday enthusiasts visit this boot-shaped peninsula every year.

There are even people who keep coming to Italy again and again to be a part of the magic delivered by this country. Italians are extremely patient and very kind people but there are some thing that they want people to know before they visit their country.

Traveling To Italy Tips

Some important traveling to Italy tips that you must keep in mind during your visit are as follows:

Traveling To Italy Tips

Do Not Order Insalata Verde

You will get a famous green salad at every restaurant and hotel in Italy. It is called Insalata Verde. Do not order this green salad unless you are very fond of lettuce. This is because the salad is nothing more than a bowl of fresh lettuce.

Be Prepared To Eat Very Late

You need to prepare yourself to eating late while in Italy because the people here are used to do this phenomenon. Even the restaurants in Italy do not open until it is 7 in the evening. This goes special for the fancy restaurants in this country.

Beware Of Transportation Strikes

Transportation strikes are very common in the country. Therefore, it is essential for you to give yourself enough time if you are required to catch an urgent train or flight.

You must not be shocked to find a strike of some type that might cause a blow to your travel plans. Taxi strikes, bus strikes and train strikes are a part of life in Italy.

Dress Appropriately

It is important for you to make it a point to dress in the best way possible when visiting a church in Italy. Make sure to cover the midriff, shoulders and the knees.

You must also remember to turn off your cell phone when visiting churches and museums. You are not supposed to eat at these places and speak in low voice.

Learn to Speak The Native Language

You must learn some common phrases and few words in Italian and this will help in making a good difference in your experience. Keep these traveling to Italy tips in mind for a safe and secure travel.

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