5 Highly Visited Historical Monuments In America

By on May 20, 2015

There are more than 100 historical monuments in America and they are all under the administration of US National Park Service.

There are some monuments that serve as national symbols while there are other lesser-known monuments equally significant and beautiful.

The historical monuments in America are taken good care of and they are highly-protected areas popular among the citizens of US and even among the other parts of the world.

Popular Historical Monuments In America

Have a look at the top highly visited historical monuments in America.

Castle Clinton, New York

Historical Monuments In America - Castle Clinton

This is a round fort made of sandstone. This fort was actually built for protecting New York from British Invasion during the war that took place in the year 1812. This monument was dedicated in the form of national monument is the year 1946.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

Historical Monuments In America - Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln memorial has been built in honor of the 16th President of US, Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Memorial is situated at the National Mall found in Washington, DC.

This is the place where the great preserver and emancipator of the United States is found immortalized by a marble statue.

Castillo de San Marcos, Florida

Historical Monuments In America - Castillo de San Marcos

This is a Spanish Fort that lies very close to St. Augustine and is known as Fort Marion. The fort has been serving for more than 205 years now. It was built in 1672 and has served under four different flags.

Washington Monument

Historical Monuments In America - Washington Monument

This is a huge obelisk centrally located in Washington, DC. This is one of the most iconic historical monuments of the city. The height of this monument is 555 feet 5 1/8 inches. The monument was partially built in 1848 and it was completed in 1884.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Historical Monuments In America - Independence Hall

This was the building where the independence declaration was signed, the new commander-in-chief of Continental Army was George Washington and at the same time the constitution was approved. There is no other historical monument in USA that is packed with more historical implication.

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