5 Helpful Costa Rica Travel Safety Tips

By on April 15, 2015

Costa Rica is basically a developing country in Central America and this is the reason why conditions are different here in comparison to conditions in Europe, Canada and US.

Drug related crime and opportunistic theft is what tourists need to worry about in Costa Rica. This is because there are limited funds in the country and therefore the police force is inadequately trained and understaffed.

Costa Rica Travel Safety Tips

Here are some of the most useful Costa Rica travel safety tips that you should keep in mind when visiting Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Travel Safety Tips

Carry Hot Items In Limit

Apart from liquid cash, things like iPods, iPhones, credit cards, cameras, cell phones, passports, jewellery and laptops are hot items and they should be carried in limit. These are valuables which are best kept at home because they can be a threat for your individual safety in Costa Rica.

Be Careful Of Sticky Fingers At Airports

Airports in Costa Rica are hugely crowded during high season and therefore it is not wise to leave a bag unattended at the airports because it can easily go missing.

Be very careful about your luggage at the airports, meticulously make your way out from the crowd and then decide upon the place where you want to go.

Do Not Drive After Dark

If you have rented a vehicle in Costa Rica then make it a point not to drive on highways or long distances after dark. This is because many roads in Costa Rica do not provide sidewalks and people are found walking along the side of roads which can become difficult for you to spot easily.

Do Not Visit The Beach After Dark

There are both bad guys and good guys in every country and the same goes for Costa Rica as well. It is not wise to visit the beach after dark because you might become a vulnerable target for some bad guys. The beach would not appear calming and peaceful especially in Costa Rica.

Avoid Using ATM Machines After Dark

It is very similar to visiting the beach after dark. Using ATM machines in Costa Rica after dark is not a wise thing to do because you never known, you can become a target for some goons.

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