5 Most Famous Museums To Visit In London

By on August 21, 2014

Are you looking for museums to visit in London? London is one of top tourist attracting city in the world. It attracted nearly 14 million from tourists from various countries.

Along with other attractions, tourists from various countries come to visit the beautiful museums of London. London has numerous of museums, and some of them stand as the top most tourist attracting spots in London. Have a peek at some of the beautiful museums to visit in London.

British Museum

Museums To Visit In London - British Museum

Established in 1753, British Museum is the oldest and largest of the museums of London. British Museum is not only one of the top tourist attracting museums in London, but also one of the top tourist attracting place.

There are over 8 millions artistic masterpieces and ancient artifacts from all around the world in this museum. These works depicts the human culture from the beginning to present. If you are thinking of visiting London, then you should miss this museum.

National Gallery

Museums To Visit In London - National Gallery

National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square, London. If you are searching for art museums to visit in London, then this is the perfect place for you. It holds around 2300 painting collection from the period of mid 13th century to 1900.

These beautiful paintings include the paintings of Michelangelo, Picasso, Leonardo, Turner, van Gogh, Monet, and many more famous painters. It is not one of the most visited museums of London, but also one of the most visited museums of world.

Tate Modern

Museums To Visit In London - Tate Modern

Tate Modern is one of the most visited museums for Modern Art in the world. Located on the banks of the River Thames in the spectacular Bankside Power Station holds a vast collection of modern art from the year 1900 to present.

The permanent collection of this museum holds the beautiful modern art pieces of Matisse, Bacon, Rothko, Beuys, and Twombly. This is actually national gallery of international modern art of Britain.

Natural History Museum

Museums To Visit In London - Natural History Museum

Natural History of Museum holds a vast range of specimens depicting the living and extinct creatures. It is located at the Cromwell Road in London. It holds collection on 70 million different specimens of natural history. These specimens include plants, animals, fossils, minerals, and rocks.

You can find the specimens depicting the extinct ones on the right side, and depicting living on the left side. It is known for its dinosaur skeleton exhibits, and ornate architecture. The top exhibit of this museum is the giant diplodocus skeleton.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Museums To Visit In London - Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum is located at just walkable distance from National History of Museum. It is often abbreviated as V&A. It is the world’s largest museum for decorative arts and design. It is named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

V&A has a collection of over 4.5 millions of decorative arts and designs, which include ceramics, textiles, sculptures, jewelry, and photography from the ancient times to present day. Best part of this museum is the British galleries that are arranged chronologically depicting the British history from the times of Henry VIII to Queen Victoria.

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