5 Exiting Things To Do In Palm Springs Area

By on January 21, 2016

Palm Springs is basically a desert city located in California. The city is famous for its stylish hotels, hot springs, spas and golf courses. The city is also popular for the many great pieces of modern and mid-century architecture that it contains.

There are many visitors who make it a point to visit the Palm Springs area when visiting California because of the core shopping experience delivered by the city boutiques and design shops.

Things To Do In Palm Springs Area

Top Things To Do In Palm Springs Area

Some of the most exciting and interesting things to do in Palm Springs area are listed below:

Enjoying Live Animal Shows at Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

There are more than 450 wild animals at The Living Desert. This is an enchanting botanical garden and zoo representing the African and the North American desert environments. Here you can enjoy taking strolls through gardens, live animals shows, tram riding and trekking along the hiking trails.

Tram Riding at Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The Aerial Tramway is Palm Springs is one of the most exciting things to do in Palm Springs area. It is the largest rotating tramway in the world. Visitors can enjoy a ten-minute tram riding experience scaling the cliffs of the Chino Canyon. On reaching the top, there are diversions which include guided nature walks and hiking provided the weather is warm.

Shopping at El Paseo

Popularly known as “Rodeo Drive of the Desert”, the El Paseo features a number of stylish awning storefronts, manicured medians, designer boutiques and sidewalk cafes. On both the sides of the El Paseo you can find big fashion brands reigning and these include Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and Kate Spade.

Big Wheel Bike Tours

The Big Wheel Bike Tours are for all those visitors who are fond of biking and the outdoors. The most important bike tour at Big Wheel is The Earthquake Canyon Express. This is basically a 20 mile bike tour descending through San Andreas Fault zone.

Getting a Peep into History at Palm Springs Air Museum

This is basically a kind of air history museum which is dedicated in exhibiting, and educating the public about the combat flights used by USA in World War II, and also about the role of these pilots, and of American citizens in winning war. It is also considered as one of the top Air Museums of the world.

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