5 Best Weekend Getaways Near Chicago

By on September 12, 2014

Chicago is a wonderful place with many attractions to see. Therefore many people do not want to leave this city in fear of losing something, but there are few places around Chicago that you can reach by train, plane, light rail and even your car. Here are the best 5 weekend getaways near Chicago:


Weekend Getaways Near Chicago - Milwaukee

It is the largest city of Wisconsin and there is a lot to see here. Starting from the Milwaukee County Zoo that is the home to more than 320 species of animals in Milwaukee Art Museum, which has an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and many more such things, there is a lot to explore here. The Bradford Beach is another thing that you should not miss.

Ann Arbor

Weekend Getaways Near Chicago - Ann Arbor

This is one of the perfect weekend getaways near Chicago and you will surely have a lot of things to do here. The Huron River offers some breathtaking views during the falls and you can also enjoy canoeing here.

There are the Deter Cider Mill and many breweries that you should definitely visit at least once. There are also many parks where you can witness beautiful colors of the falls that would stay in your minds forever. Do not forget to bring your cameras.


Weekend Getaways Near Chicago - Louisville

Next in the list of best weekend getaways near Chicago is Louisville. It is about 5 hours drive from Chicago and you can also fly to this place. There is the Churchill Downs, Old Louisville, the Kentucky Derby Museum and many other places to visit in this place.

Three Oaks, Michigan

Weekend Getaways Near Chicago - Three Oaks, Michigan

Daily life in Chicago is really busy and if you are looking forward to a relaxing holiday, this is the right place for you. There are fine eateries and restaurants and it is the perfect place to spend some quality time with someone you love.

St. Louis

Weekend Getaways Near Chicago - St. Louis

St. Louis is also one of the great weekend getaways near Chicago. If you have a tight budget, then St. Louis is a place that you can consider. It is riverfront city and there is a zoo, museums and many more things to see.

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