5 Best Travel Planning Apps for Android Phones

By on January 22, 2014

Whether you are hitting roads or talking to skies, having an android phone along with you on a travel can make everything easier! Yes, planning for a trip sometimes makes you feel stressed.

Using android travel apps is one of the great ways that help you when you are on vacation. Here are some of the best android travel apps.


One of the toughest parts on travel planning is maintaining track of all your commercial airline, car and hotel reservations. This amazing app lets you use all your itineraries on your tablet, mobile or computer no matter where you are.

Travel Planning Android Apps - Triplt


Google Maps

This app is a must have android travel app for every smartphone user and traveler. Why this app is so important?

Google Maps is very essential for the reason that it knows each and every corner of all countries. This app provides you direction to your destination, gives you information about distance and much more.

Travel Planning Android Apps - Google Maps

Google Maps

Currency Converter

If you are steeping out of your home country to travel, you are going to need to deal with currency conversion. Currency converter is a great app to guide you to know how much you are spending exactly and to figure out whether you are getting best deals on purchases abroad.

Travel Planning Android Apps - Currency Converter

Currency Converter


You may rely on skype to send texts and make phone calls but some plans on skype are prepaid monthly fee. So, having an android viber app is an excellent alternative to skype, since Viber allows you to do free calls and texts as well if you both are having accounts in the app.

You can send free multimedia texts of your quick moments abroad and communicate easily what you want to share.

Travel Planning Android Apps - Viber



Kayak is just like one-stop shop for your major travel planning. Kayak remains an excellent way to book your airlines, hotels, travel deals, rental cars and to track flights. You can also compare deals with all other discount travel sites.

Travel Planning Android Apps - Kayak


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