5 Best Train Trips North America You Will Love To Travel

By on January 21, 2015

You need to carry out a lot of research if you are looking for the best train trips North America. Even today, the train trips in North America do not fail in thrilling the riders with desert vistas, tapered gauge tracks, spiral tunnels and mountain peaks.

Best Train Trips North America

Some of the best train trips North America, that people can enjoy and love to travel are the following:

Denali Star with Alaska Railroad

Best Train Trips North America - Denali Star

The Denali Star from Alaska Railroad links Anchorage to Fairbanks by way of the wildest terrain not found anywhere in their world.

This is one of the best train trips North America because it passes through the largest state in America and crosses very close to Mount McKinley and Denali National Park prior to getting into one of the main hubs in Alaska.

Coast Starlight with Amtrak

Best Train Trips North America - Coast StarlightCoast Starlight

Coast Starlight with Amtrak is a train trip that gives you a very splendid view of Washington, Oregon and California. This railway route links some of the most popular cities located on West Coast like San Francisco, Portland and Santa Barbara.

The Adirondack for Hudson Valley

Best Train Trips North America - Adirondack

Traveling to the Hudson valley in North America is all the more convenient by The Adirondack which takes it travelers through Palisades cliffs along the beautiful Lake Champlain shores. This is the one of the top 10 rail journeys in the world.

Cass Scenic Railroad

Best Train Trips North America - Cass Scenic Railroad

Cass scenic railroad route starts from Cass and ends at Bald Knob in West Virginia. It will take around four and half hours for the train to reach Bald Knob from Cass. This is a heritage rail line that is 11 mile long and gives the splendid view of mountains all around.

Ethan Allen Express

Best Train Trips North America - Ethan Allen Express

The route for this rail trip is from the New York City to Rutland in Vermont and it takes around five and half hours. This rail trip is sure to offer some of the best mood-altering sceneries in the East Coast.

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