5 Best Tourist Things To Do In LA

By on October 10, 2014

LA has many things to offer right from the kids to elders. Los Angeles has endless options for memorable experiences for visitors as well as locals. Here are 5 best tourist things to do in LA, which you should not miss:

Take a Tour to Universal Studios Hollywood

Tourist Things To Do In LA - Universal Studios Hollywood

LA is called as the entertainment capital of the world. Particularly for film lovers, the ultimate experience is behind-the-scenes studio tour.

When you visit Universal studios, the Studio Tour is possibly the most mythical attraction. Nearby you will find several other sites like Hollywood Bowl, Paramount Studios, Hollywood Heritage Museum, etc.

Universal Studios has evolved more like a full-fledged theme park, Hollywood Movie style. Here you will find half themed rides and another half is studio tour.

A Day at Disneyland

Tourist Things To Do In LA - Disneyland

Disneyland offers plenty of things where parents and kids can do together. You will find many rides on the gentler side and also you will find parades, shows, and even daily fireworks during summer months.

This is a place where you can wear a funny hat all the day and you don’t have to feel shy. This is the best cleanest and most enjoyable theme park in LA.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Tourist Things To Do In LA - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is located in Valencia, which is at 45-minute drive from northwest of downtown Los Angeles off I-5. Here you will find thrilling rides, live entertainment, and various other events. You will find separate rides for both family and kids.

Here you will have lot of dining options and also great shopping experience. With 18 roller coasters, Six Flag Magic Mountain has the world record for many roller coasters in a single amusement park.

Venice Beach

Tourist Things To Do In LA - Venice Beach

This is a lively, popular and crowded beach close to Los Angeles. Here you can do many activities like biking, inline skating, dining, nightlife, people-watching, city walk sightseeing, etc.

Venice Beach’s claim to fame is its boardwalk. Here the water is generally OKAY for swimming, however sunbathing is the most famous activity here.

Shopping on Rodeo Drive

Tourist Things To Do In LA - Rodeo Drive

Though it is a small shopping area, it has great reputation. This shopping center is recognizedgloballyas the epicenter of luxury fashion.

Rodeo Drive stores contain three city blocks where tourists can have fun when they visit more than 100 world-famous boutiques and hotels.

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