5 Best Spots For Sightseeing In Montreal Canada

By on March 12, 2015

Sightseeing in Montreal Canada can be fun and exciting if you have a basic idea of the best places to visit in the city.

The historic sites, museums, nightclubs and shopping districts of Montreal Canada provide a lot of entertainment. The city is also a great destination for family vacations as it features a lot of amusement parks.

Spots For Sightseeing in Montreal Canada

Some of the best places to spots for sightseeing Montreal Canada include:

Montreal Biodome

Sightseeing In Montreal Canada - Montreal Biodome

This is environmental museum which was originally designed in the form of a cycling stadium or velodrome by Frenchman Roger Taillibert.

This museum appears in the form of a domelike structure showcasing replicas of the four ecosystems: The Tropical Forest, The Laurentian Forest, Polar World and Saint Lawrence Marine ecosystem. Tours to this sightseeing attraction in Montreal Canada are available in both French and English.

Atwater Market

Sightseeing In Montreal Canada - Atwater Market

This is two-story elegant Art Deco structure featuring a clock tower and accommodating a farmer’s market since the year 1933. You will find over 50 vendors offering almost everything from fruits, vegetables, cheeses and fresh meats to mouth-watering pastries.

Mount Royal

Sightseeing In Montreal Canada - Mount Royal

Mount Royal is one of the best spots for sightseeing in Montreal Canada. It is 764 feet high and looks like a hill located north in the center of the 50 km island found in Montreal. The mountain has three beautiful peaks of which Colline de la Croix is the tallest.

Musee Grevin

Sightseeing In Montreal Canada - Musee Grevin

Musee Gravin is a waxwork museum, and a must-see attraction in Montreal Canada. It is user-friendly and easily accessible for the entire family. The museum is situated on the 5th floor of Centre Eaton and it takes its visitors into a world filled with realistic art. It has waxwork characters of international figures, movie stars, characters from Canadian history, etc.

Old Montreal

Sightseeing In Montreal Canada - Old Montreal

Old Montreal is another attractive spot in Montreal Canada boasting of the old but rich tradition and culture of the city. The place will give you an insight into the old museums and buildings of the city.

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