5 Best Sites For Camping In West Virginia

By on July 29, 2015

Camping in West Virginia can always be an enjoyable and adventurous experience. This is because West Virginia possesses some of the most beautiful places for camping.

Whether you are into water sports, biking, hiking or fishing, the state has that perfect place that suits your tastes.

West Virginia boasts of possessing numerous spots that can be used for setting up a camp no matter whether you are fond of driving a large RV or a tent camper.

Sites for Camping In West Virginia

Some of the best sites for camping in West Virginia are as follows:

Bulltown Campground

Camping In West Virginia - Bulltown Campground

Bulltown campground serves as an ideal campground for people who are not very close to nature. This campground is positioned very close to the historical Civil War battleground and offers great views of the mountain.

Big Bend

Camping In West Virginia - Big Bend

This campground is among the many campgrounds located at Cabins, within Monongahela National Forest. It is the location of this campground that makes it one of the best campgrounds in the park.

The campground is positioned on a beautiful peninsula which is surrounded by South Branch Potomac River on three sides. Along with camping you can also enjoy kayaking, fishing, etc at this campsite.

Burnsville Lake

Camping In West Virginia - Burnsville Lake

Burnsville Lake is one of the best places for camping in West Virginia. Burnsville Lake was actually created for flood control, but this place offers many recreational activities.

You can enjoy camping at Riffle Run Campground located at Burnsville Lake. Along with camping you can enjoy activities like fishing, hiking, hunting, boating, etc.

Seneca Shadows Campground

Camping In West Virginia - Seneca Shadows Campground

This is the campground that you should choose if you are looking out for great sights. It is a new campground sitting on a very high hill offering breathtaking views of Seneca Rocks.

This campground offers 41 cabins, 13 RV sites available with electric hook-ups, and tent camping. Activities that you can enjoy at this place include fishing, hiking, and rock climbing.

Camp Creek State Park

Camping In West Virginia - Camp Creek State Park

Camp Creek state park is located adjacent to Camp Creek state forest is best place for forest camping. This park is a 550 acres recreational area aside Camp Creek state forest in 1987.

This park has 3 campgrounds namely Mash Fork campground, Blue Jay campground and Double “C” Horse and Rider Camp ground where you can enjoy camping. Along with camping you can enjoy hunting, horse riding, fishing and picnicking.

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