5 Best Places To See In Sydney Australia

By on October 19, 2015

A holiday is Australia cannot be completed without paying a visit to Sydney – the largest city in the country. Sydney is also labeled as one of the most beautiful cities in the world because of its peaceful balance of iconic landmarks, botanic gardens, impressive skyline, beautiful harbor and architecture.

It would not be incorrect to describe Sydney as one of the most vibrant cities in the world packed with consistent buzz, always high on its energy level. Sydney has a charm of its own and this is simply enough to captivate the senses of the people who visit this city.

Places To See In Sydney Australia

Some of the best places to see in Sydney Australia, which you should not miss during your visit include:

Sydney Opera House

Places To See In Sydney Australia - Sydney Opera House

Photo Credits: Norbert Trewin

Sydney Opera House is the most popular man-made icon in the world. This wonderful piece of architecture stands as an exclusive feat of top class engineering and architectural design. It is a structure that has been formed out of the unique combination of creativity, controversy and innovation.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Places To See In Sydney Australia - Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney offer a complete cavalcade of floral beauty. The gardens also offer a panoramic view of the landmarks at Sydney harbor. The greenery at this garden has been maintained immaculately with wonderful views of an array of different trees and plants.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Places To See In Sydney Australia - Sydney Harbor Bridge

Photo Credits: Leafypages

Sydney Harbor Bridge is one places to see in Sydney Australia, which is also called Coathanger and it was amongst the most popular landmarks of the city prior to the inception of Sydney Opera House. It features huge double piers at each end and stands as the largest steel structure in the world.

The Rocks

Places To See In Sydney Australia - The Rocks

Photo Credits: Michael Coghlan

The Rocks is a historic area as it was the first point of European settlement in Australia. The name Rocks is after the rocky coastline found on the western side of the Sydney Cove.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Places To See In Sydney Australia - Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Photo Credits: 2minutes

This aquarium at darling harbor in Sydney features the largest collection of Australian aquatic life, three oceanariums and 60 tanks. You can enjoy the view of nearly 13000 fishes from 700 different varieties of species, and also many themed parks.

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