5 Best Places To See In Santa Fe New Mexico

By on September 14, 2015

Santa Fe tends to be one of the most popular Southwest destinations in the US. It is a beautiful city embracing its natural environment in the most wonderful manner.

It is a many beautiful places to see in Santa Fe, which are filled with adorable architecture blending well with the desert landscape. Santa Fe also serves as the culinary and the art capital of America.

People who are fond of natural beauty, art and the ones who are looking for some relaxation make their way towards Santa Fe.

Places To See In Santa Fe New Mexico

Some of the most beautiful places to see in Santa Fe, which you should not miss during your visit are as follows:

Santa Fe Plaza

Places To See In Santa Fe - Plaza

Photo Credits: Beatrice Murch

The Plaza serves as the heart of this beautiful city and even the place where the city was founded. It is one of the most historic areas in Santa Fe. The area is surrounded by historic buildings, hotels, restaurants, museums, endless shopping and galleries.

Canyon Road

Places To See In Santa Fe - Canyon Road

There are more than 250 art galleries in Santa Fe and it is only because of this reason that the city is rated second largest in the list of art markets throughout US. Canyon Road serves as a historic trail into the old neighborhood and the mountains.

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Places To See In Santa Fe - Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Photo Credits: Omar Bárcena

The museum showcases the work of O’Keeffe and various other contemporaries. It possesses more than 1000 O’Keeffe works and also features an impressive restaurant which is perfect for lunch. If you are looking to get an idea about the rich art collection in Santa Fe then this museum is the best place for you to visit.

Loretto Chapel

Places To See In Santa Fe - Loretto Chapel

This chapel features the miraculous stairway which was built without making use of dowels, nails or any other support. The chapel is open for visitors only when there is no wedding scheduled.

St. Francis Cathedral

Places To See In Santa Fe - St. Francis Cathedral

Photo Credits: Jim Nix

This is one of the most exclusive and unexpected places to See in Santa Fe which is a city consisting of adobe architecture. The cathedral is located at San Francisco Street and is open for mass on a regular basis.

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