5 Best Places To Go To In South Korea

By on March 14, 2014

Are you planning a trip to South Korea during the next holiday vacation and just confused where to go in Korea?

Well, South Korea is a beautiful country packed with stunning landscapes, delicious food, high quality shopping and a real mixture of modern as well as ancient world.

Here are the five best places to go in South Korea, which you not miss during your visit. Have a look!

1. Jeju Island

South Korea Tourist Attractions - Jeju Island

It is a semi-tropical island just to the south of mainland and provides a challenge of climbing Hallasan, the South Korea’s highest mountain.

Climb to the top and you really enjoy the stunning views, just relax and take rest on the island’s white sandy beaches. Visit exquisite botanical gardens and lava caves where you could learn about country’s traditional tea culture.

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