5 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in Asia

By on December 20, 2013

Christmas season is arriving!! For most people, evolution of Christmas celebrations has been grown to include travel but not just a domestic travel; it’s a world-wide travel.

Well, do you have any plans to celebrate Christmas in Asia? If you are in process of thinking to celebrate Christmas in new place, this is just for you.

The magic behind Asia rests with diversity of its people and countries and Christmas celebrations are no exception. Christmas is a big hit to Asia that offers several exciting ways to celebrate Christmas.

So, where to begin? Here are the best must-visit Christmas destinations in Asia.


India is predominantly a Hindu, Muslim and Christian country, where Christmas tradition is widely celebrated with colorful, festive spirit which is typical of country.

Asia Christmas Destination - India

Christians in India celebrate Christmas in a traditional way, decorating their rooftops by hanging star shaped lanterns and lit lanterns as it represents symbol of light of Christ.

Families flock in the churches and they feast on yummy foods and after which they exchange surprising presents with each other. Well, if you want to enjoy beach holiday in India, then look no further than Goa.

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