5 Best Places In Wales To Visit, You Should Not Miss

By on March 8, 2015

Wales is a very beautiful country with a host of tourist attractions. The country is not only beautiful but also historic and is perfect for taking a great vacation.

There are many places in Wales to visit and they are sure not to get you bored. Taking a vacation in Wales will always be relaxing and enjoyable.

Places In Wales To Visit

If you plan your visit to some of the places in Wales to visit have been mentioned below:

Beaumaris Castle

Places In Wales To Visit - Beaumaris Castle

This is one of the most interesting and wonderful Places in Wales to Visit. It gives you the chance of experiencing outdoor adventure and therefore it is important that you dress up accordingly. Beaumaris castle is basically a historical place offering tours that can span over two to three hours.

Big Pit National Coal Museum

Places In Wales To Visit - Big Pit National Coal Museum

Big Pit National Coal Museum is located in Blaenavon, Torfaen. This is industrial heritage museum, which is preservation of coal mining of Welsh heritage, which took place during industrial revolution period.

This is a fun place in Wales where you get guided underground tours showing you the process of coal growth and coal extraction from the ground.

Snowdonia National Park

Places In Wales To Visit - Snowdonia National Park

It is the largest National park in Wales and at the same time it also possesses the highest mountain in Wales and England.

Snowdonia National Park also encompasses picturesque villages and the largest natural lake in Wales. It is an area which is steeped in local history and culture and people in this region speak Welsh.


Places In Wales To Visit - Cardiff

Cardiff serves as a home to a large number of historic sites and castles. Apart from this, there are other splendid tourist attractions in Cardiff. One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Cardiff is the Cardiff Castle dating back to the Roman times.

Blue Lagoon Water Park

Places In Wales To Visit - Blue Lagoon Water Park

If you are trying to relax and enjoy one entire day then you must take a tour to Blow Lagoon Water Park. It is a place which is simply great for the entire family. The water park is located in Pembrokeshire and you can enjoy various leisure activities here.

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