5 Best Places In Melbourne To Visit

By on July 17, 2014

Melbourne is not only Australia’s second largest city but also a multicultural city!! As a tourist, you have many places in Melbourne to visit.

Here is a quick list of must-see places of Melbourne to visit that have to be included in your list of things to do while staying in Melbourne.

Federation Square

Places In Melbourne To Visit - Federation Square

Without Federation square, one cannot imagine or expect his Melbourne trip!! This is major meeting place in Melbourne. Tourists find this place full of fun and entertainment since Fed Square always offers something to travelers to enjoy their trip.

At the center of the building, plenty of events and activities will be held like cultural activities or excellent events. Some of them include Australia Center for Moving Images, exhibition spaces, restaurants, auditoriums, etc.

Melbourne Zoo

Places In Melbourne To Visit - Melbourne Zoo

Home to wide range of animal species over 250 around the world!! Do you have kids in your trip!!?? This is the place where kids will enjoy having close up look at Zoo’s most famous personalities!!

You will meet an interesting personality over there i.e. Mali along with her baby Ongard. Though it is small zoo, it holds many big wild animals including snow leopard, brown bear and tree kangaroo.

Crown Melbourne

Places In Melbourne To Visit - Crown Melbourne

Want to make your trip to be filled only with fun and entertainment!!?? Explore The Crown!! Get the entertainment you want at big entertainment complex located nearby to Yarra River.

Treat yourself with variety of entertainment things like crown casino, restaurants and cafes, shops, nightclubs, cinemas, luxurious hotels and much more.

Shrine of Remembrance

Places In Melbourne To Visit - Shrine of Remembrance

Make an impressive historic trip to Shrine of Remembrance!! It was constructed as a memorial in remembrance of many men and women who have served in the World War I.

Veteran architects uniquely designed this historic spot inspired from Parthenon and Tomb of Mausolus. It is a well-known landmark of Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road

Places In Melbourne To Visit - Great Ocean Road

This is must do visit that should be included in your bucket list!! Explore Great Ocean Road and have great experiences of most scenic coastal drives around the world.

On Victoria’s striking coastline offers tourist spectacular 12 Apostles, stacks of magnificent rocks and many more. Taking helicopter ride over the Apostles leaves you with amazing experiences.

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