5 Best Places For Tent Camping Indiana

By on August 15, 2015

Tent Camping Indiana can always be a fun experience. Indiana is a state in the Midwest and it is popular for its auto race called Indianapolis 500 and also its farmland.

People who are fond of tent camping can always choose Indiana as their ideal camping spot because there is no dearth of some of the best camping grounds in this Midwestern state.

The campgrounds of Indiana give the visitors wide scopes of living a lifestyle that is completely different. People at the campgrounds get the opportunity of enjoying some of the most talked about attractions of Indiana.

Places For Tent Camping Indiana

Here are some of the best places for tent camping Indiana, where you can pitch your tent:

Turkey Run State Park

Tent Camping Indiana - Turkey Run State Park

This is one of the best camping grounds in Indiana, where you can see many geographical wonders such as sandstone ravines, aged forest etc. This park is a beautiful place to pitch your tent. This park also offers many famous hiking trails.

You can enjoy amenities like rental cabins, restaurants, inn, hiking trails, playgrounds, and even swimming pool. Along with camping, you can also enjoy hiking, horse riding. picnicking, and fishing.

Prophetstown State Park

Tent Camping Indiana - Prophetstown State Park

The Prophetstown State Park is located at Battleground and it is one of the most excellent campgrounds in Indiana. Visitors or campers to this State Park can enjoy almost everything that they might have thought of starting from visiting the historic farms of the 1920s to the water park.

Pokagon State Park

Tent Camping Indiana - Pokagon State Park

This is another state park where you can enjoy tent camping Indiana. This state park is located just 5 miles towards the north of Angola. Along with camping you can enjoy many scenic views, beautiful sunset, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, sand volleyball, bicycling, etc at this place.

Blackwell Horse Camp

Tent Camping Indiana - Blackwell Horse Camp

The Blackwell Horse Camp is a free campground located at Bloomington. You will get plenty of hiking and horse trails at this campsite along with a number of comfortable restrooms. This campground is a very popular overnight camping destination for equestrians.

White River Campground

Tent Camping Indiana - White River Campground

The White River Campground is a very clean and tidy campsite featuring sites which are leveled and paved very well. There is a separate playground for kids and you can always enjoy hiking and fishing at this campground.

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