5 Best Places To Go On Submarine Rides

By on April 11, 2015

Submarine rides are truly exciting for many people and there are people who always look out for an opportunity to see the world from under the sea.

This is the reason why there are a lot of people who just love scuba diving and snorkeling.

However, there are others who go for submarine rides at some of the best places known for this adventurous activity.

Best Places For Submarine Rides

Here are the best places to go on Submarine rides, and enjoy the beauty of underwater.


Submarine Rides - Aruba

Aruba is one of the best places that can be visited for underwater excursions. Taking an exciting cruise in a semi-submarine or a submarine is not a difficult thing to do in Aruba.

While on Aruba submarine excursion you will have the opportunity of viewing the colorful underwater world of Aruba and have the sight of an array of tropical fishes and colorful corals. The spectacular sight of the two sunken wrecks in Aruba is complete beauty.


Submarine Rides - Hawaii

At Hawaii, you will have the chance of enjoying underwater tours in air-conditioned submarines for more that forty-five minutes. Whale watching is also an important underwater activity that you can enjoy while in Hawaii.


Submarine Rides - Honduras

At Roatan in Honduras, you will get one of the few deep sea submersibles ever sighted by tourists. Two tourists along with the pilot can go as deep as 2000 feet in Cayman Trench where you can have the chances of seeing luminous coral and sponges.

You also get to see tripod fish. Submarines offered at Honduras are uninsured and they are generally homemade.


Submarine Rides - Maldives

Are you looking out for a super-rich marine experience? The Maldives can be the ultimate submarine destination for you then. Here, the submarines will take you as deep as 100 feet where you will have the sight of fabulous reef found all around the island.


Submarine Rides - Bali

The best place to visit for a submarine ride in Bali is Amuk Bay where you can descend upto 150 feet making your way through colorful reef. The submarine here is spaced for not more than thirty-six people.

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