5 Best Places For Beach Weddings In USA

By on July 18, 2015

Getting married on a beach is getting very popular these days and there are good reasons that can be cited in support of this fact. Getting married at a beach is romantic and beautiful and it turns the most special occasion of your life completely memorable.

Beach weddings give you the scope of spending some time away from home with your loved ones. It is very similar to enjoying a mini vacation with a small group of friends and family members.

Best Places For Beach Weddings

Some of the best places for beach weddings in the US have been detailed below:


Best Places For Beach Weddings - Florida

With its beautiful beaches and sunny weather, Florida is true competition for Mexico and Caribbean in beach appeal.

Florida is easier and cheaper for the guests to be there for the wedding. Apart from surf and sand, it also boasts of popular amusement parks offering unique experience.


Best Places For Beach Weddings - Maine

Maine is the northernmost state of the East Coast and it is one state that burst with complete natural beauty. The most famous attraction of this place is its winding and rugged coastline featuring sheltered coves.

Puerto Rico

Best Places For Beach Weddings - Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the best places for beach weddings in USA because of its deserted yet beautiful beaches, the population of exclusive varieties of wild horses and fishing villages. Here, you can find several casual guesthouses and super-stylish beachside hotels.

Sea Island, Georgia

Best Places For Beach Weddings - Sea Island, Georgia

Sea Island in Georgia is an exclusive location for a beachside wedding. This is a place that gives you the chance to get married amid swaying palms and tall sea grass. You can have a beautiful wedding under confederate jasmine and blooming vines of wisteria.

Newport, Rhode Island

Best Places For Beach Weddings - Newport, Rhode Island

This place is a perfect blend of old-fashioned glamour and New England appeal. This is one of the most favorite summer destinations for people and makes for that perfect beach wedding venue in USA.

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