5 Best Luxury Cruises To Antarctica Voyage

By on June 8, 2015

Antarctica is known for is beauty and elegance that no other continent can match if feeling the sheer cold and enjoying a date with penguins is on the mind of tourists.

There are many experiences that can never match up to what luxury cruises to Antarctica offer.

Luxury Cruises To Antarctica

Here we have compiled the top 5 luxury cruises to Antarctica below.

National Geographic Explorer

Luxury Cruises To Antarctica - National Geographic Explorer

Anyone who reads the National Geographic magazine knows about this ship. It has the perfect balance of luxury and fun. This is smaller passenger ship, which can accommodate 148 passengers.

This is 14 day fun and luxury trip from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Antarctica. Depending upon the weather and sea condition, ship will stop at Paradise Bay, Lemaire Channel and Petermann Island, Neko Harbor, and Historic Port Lockroy in Antarctica.

MS Hanseatic

Luxury Cruises To Antarctica - MS Hanseatic

It is a five star expedition ship built with comfort in mind. The atmosphere of the ship is phenomenal with spacious interiors and an accommodation for 184 passengers.

The large suites and open areas make the cruises overly enjoyable. There are buffet style breakfasts and lunches on the deck itself in good weather for a truly Antarctic experience.

Silver Explorer

Luxury Cruises To Antarctica - Silver Explorer

Silver Explorer is one of the most well-known expedition ships. Originally built as an expedition vessel, the ship underwent various changes through the years and saw itself transform into a luxury ship with the highest levels of comfort and service.

The ship has a well-stocked library, bar and an observation deck. It is recommended travelers book their cabins well in advance due to the huge popularity of this cruise.

Le Boreal

Luxury Cruises To Antarctica - Le Boreal

Le Boreal is one of the ships operated by the famous French small ship operator Compagne du Ponant. It has 132 luxurious cabins with panoramic views of the sea.

Complete communication and entertainment services are available at the ship through Wi-Fi, satellite phone and TVs with video on demand.


Luxury Cruises To Antarctica - L’Austral

L’Austral is another ship operating under Compagne du Ponant. It is similar to the Le Boreal in many ways and has similar accommodation facilities. The grilled buffet breakfast and themed dinners are excellent crowd pleasers.

There are theaters for lectures, presentations and informal gatherings along with a fitness lounge with a fitness and beauty area. L’Austral is one of the best ways to experience Antarctica in luxury.

These are some of the best luxury cruises to Antarctica and each of them are ideal for exploring Antarctica in their own way for a once in a lifetime experience.

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