5 Best Hikes In Smoky Mountains For Hiking Lovers

By on March 10, 2015

Hiking enthusiasts always tend to make a list of their favorite trails. The Smoky Mountains are considered the best spot for hikers and experienced hikers are well aware of the best hikes In Smoky Mountains.

Best Hikes In Smoky Mountains

There are many good hiking trails at this place and some of the best hikes in Smoky Mountains among them have been listed below:

Porters Creek Trail

Best Hikes In Smoky Mountains - Porters Creek Trail

This is a very easy round trip hike spread over 4 miles starting from Greenbrier lying east to Gatlinburg. The highlights of this hiking trail include a beautiful stream flowing through the forest and remnants from early settlers.

The best time to visit this hiking trail is during Spring when you will be able to witness the spectacular display of wildflowers.

Gregory Bald Trail

Best Hikes In Smoky Mountains - Gregory Bald Trail

Gregory Bald is one of the best hikes In Smoky Mountains and even the most popular one because of the flame azaleas blooming on the summit from mid June to late June.

You will also get the chance to witness a rainbow of different colors including wine red, fire red, salmon, orange, pink, white and yellow.

Mount LeConte

Best Hikes In Smoky Mountains - Mount LeConte

This is a classic hike in the Smoky Mountains featuring long and elevated trails with steep climbs along with some interesting geographical features. The stunning views, the high adventure and the history of this hiking trail are also worth a mention.

There are five best hikes in Mount LeConte to reach LeConte Lodge, which are Alum Cave Trail, The Boulevard Trail, Bullhead Trail, Rainbow Falls Trail, and Trillium Gap Trail.

Andrews Bald

Best Hikes In Smoky Mountains - Andrews Bald

Andrews Bald is a double peak, which is located along Forney Ridge. To reach Andrew Bald, you need to hike for 1.7 miles from Clingmans Dome parking lot along Forney Ridge Trail. This hike gives an stunning view of Great Smokey Mountains.

This trail is one of the most rugged and rocky hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains. After improved this trail has become much easier when compared to earlier, when it upper part of this trail was extremely rugged.

Chimney Tops

Best Hikes In Smoky Mountains - Chimney Tops

This is another favorite hike in the Smoky Mountains which is a bit difficult and steep. The hike is fairly short with easy access through the Newfound Gap Road. Here, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the twin peaks.

The trail starts from Newfound Gap Road and ends at Walker Camp Prong. This is a popular river point featuring boulders and picaresque cascades.

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