5 Best Hikes In Europe – Enjoy Nature While Hiking

By on July 22, 2014

Europe is one of the great destinations for travelers who like the outdoors and would prefer to explore a region by foot. There are many best hikes in Europe, particularly on the country side, where you can enjoy beauty of nature while hiking.

Also walking across the streets will give you many opportunities to mingle with the locals. Here are the five best hikes Europe that you should not miss in your Europe trip:

Hallstatt, Austria

Best Hikes In Europe - Hallstatt

If you want to explore the Austrian Salzkammergut resort area, then Hallstatt is the perfect place to start with. From this place, you can travel across the steepled countryside villages on easy trails by indulging in the unusual lake crossings.

Julie Andrew terrain is a very pleasant spot to start your hike, which typically takes three days to a week.

Cyclades, Greece

Best Hikes In Europe - Cyclades

Next of the best hikes in Europe is The Cyclades in Greece. It includes 220 islands across the Aegean Sea, which is located at South East of Greek Mainland.

Though these islands are popular for sailing vacations, they even offer some great hiking experience on the lands that boast spectacular views. Most of the islands take approximately one day time to explore, so that every day you can explore a new one.

Provence, France

Best Hikes In Europe - Provence

Provence is famous for The Luberon Mountains with wide range of walking trials that link many of the small villages which are thousands of years old.

The trial will take you up through mountains, through gorges and the side cliffs. One needs not to be an expert hiker to enjoy Luberon. Scenic beauty of this area will obviously exceed your expectations.

Tuscany, Italy

Best Hikes In Europe - Tuscany

Next in the list of best hikes in Europe it the ancient hilltop villages of San Gimignano, Strove, Colle di Val d’Elsa and Monteriggioni are very close enough which you can complete with your one day walk.

The approach is really very easy to walk across the open countryside and villages. This place is very hot during summer to explore.

Algarve, Portugal

Best Hikes In Europe - Algarve

Algarve is located at the Southern region of Portugal. It is a very famous spot to hike in Portugal. The walking trials across this region cover a wide range of landscapes. But the best hiking trail in Algarve are the Algarve cliff trails, where enjoy beauty of golden cliffs on the Algarve coast while hiking.

Algarve trials are suitable for any hiking with any physical comfort as it offers picturesque greenery of the interior peaks to the seaside views from the cliffs.

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