5 Best Hamburg Places To See

By on June 27, 2015

Hamburg is an important port city located in Northern Germany. Crossed by several canals and consisting of huge parkland, the Elbe River connects this city to the North Sea. The city is popular among holiday enthusiasts because of its beauty and its local specialties.

There are people who might not have any idea about the Hamburg paces to see. For such people it is important to known that Hamburg is filled with many tourist attractions.

Hamburg Places To See

Some interesting and popular Hamburg places to see during your visit are included below

St. Michael’s Church

Hamburg Places To See - St. Michael's Church

This is one most popular tourist attractions and important landmark in Hamburg. And it is also one of the 5 main Lutheran churches of Hamburg. This church is one of the finest baroque-style ecclesiastical buildings in northern Germany.

This church has also got the largest clock tower in Germany, and there is a platform above this clock from where you can have a wonderful poranomic view of the city.

St. Pauli Piers

Hamburg Places To See - St. Pauli Piers

St. Pauli Piers is another important Hamburg tourist attraction, which you should not miss during your visit. It is also known by names St. Pauli Landing Stages or St. Pauli Landing Bridges in English, and Landungsbrücken in German.

This is the largest landing space in Hamburg port. This major tourist spot is filled with many restaurants and also a departure spot for harbor pleasure boats.

Alster Lake

Hamburg Places To See - Alster Lake

This lake came into being in the thirteenth century when it was found blocking one of the tributaries of Elbe River.

The Alster Lake is one of the most popular Hamburg places to see rendering a very unique ambiance and mood. It covers an area of 400 acres and is considered perfect for summer strolls and picnics.

Hamburger Dom

Hamburg Places To See - Hamburger Dom

It is a big amusement fair taking place in the city of Hamburg thrice during a year. It takes place in summer, spring and winter. It is also the largest and the most entertaining amusement fair held in Germany attracting more than ten million visitors and tourists every year.

Elbe Tunnel

Hamburg Places To See - Elbe Tunnel

The Elbe Tunnel, which was constructed in 1911 is also known as Old Elbe Tunnel or St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel. It is one of the oldest tunnels in Hamburg. The length of this tunnel is more than 400 meters.

The tunnel is under Elbe River and has enough room for bicycles, pedestrians and cars. It is one of those unique locations in Hamburg and is also the way to visit the Steinwerder islands.

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