5 Best Ecuador Tourist Places To See

By on November 26, 2015

Ecuador is rich in historical and cultural attractions. It is a beautiful land that is set within a background of various natural wonders featuring landscapes ranging from glaciated volcanoes to the luxurious tropical rain forests.

With all beautiful Ecuador tourist places and natural wonders, it can rightly be ranked among the most beautiful countries throughout the world. Ecuador is positioned on the equator and it serves as a home to lush jungles, beautiful Pacific coastline and volcanic mountains.

Best Ecuador Tourist Places

Some of the most popular and fabulous Ecuador tourist places to see during your visit include:


Ecuador Tourist Places - Cotopaxi

Photo Credits: wikimedia.org

The volcanoes of Ecuador are quite famous. Cotopaxi is the second-highest mountain peak in Ecuador and it is also considered one of the most beautiful snow-covered volcanoes. Cotopaxi features few glaciers which are located along the equator.

Church And Convent Of St. Francis, Quito

Ecuador Tourist Places - Church And Convent Of St. Francis

Photo Credits: wikimedia.org

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and it is famous for the Church and Convent of St. Francis located in the Old Town district. There are several masterpieces found in this church which include a beautiful sculpture of winged Holy Virgin created by Legarda.

Galapagos Islands

Ecuador Tourist Places - Galapagos Islands

Photo Credits: Only One

Galapagos Islands are one of the popular Ecuador tourist places to see. They are a very small archipelago of some volcanic islands that belong to Ecuador. These islands are completely isolated and remote lying around 1000 km from Ecuador. Galapagos Islands are popular throughput the world for their exclusive ecosystem.


Ecuador Tourist Places - Quilotoa

Photo Credits: Kevin Labianco

This is a very beautiful Crater Lake set on the Andes. This lake is over 250 meters deep featuring amazingly beautiful water. The lake water changes from blue to green and back to blue and this is something that attracts a large number of visitors.


Ecuador Tourist Places - Mindo

Photo Credits: Andreas Kay

Mindo is a mountainous watershed area, which is located in Ecuadorian cloud forest on the western slopes of Andes. It is also known by the name Mindo Valley. This valley serves as a great place for enjoying hiking, bird watching, canyoning, riding on horseback, tubing, rafting, mountain biking, eating some trout, and getting natural and fresh air.

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