5 Best Christmas Markets Of Europe

By on November 19, 2014

Christmas in Europe is a time to elaborate pastries taken out of the medieval cookbook, for romantic midnight masses at Gothic churches and for the upholding of strange local traditions.

In Europe Christmas is not complete without things like kindly witches from Rome, mischievous pixies from Copenhagen, 8,000-pound fruitcake from Dresden, and treacherous demons from Salzburg.

Christmas Markets Of Europe

Here are the best Christmas Markets of Europe where romance of the holiday comes alive in a truly amazing and grand tradition.

Here the smells of roasting sausages and gingerbread breeze through that chilling air, stunning handmade ornaments used to adorn the trees, glassblowers, and several other art crafts placed in wooden stalls.

Here the shoppers bustle trough Gothic Church and half-timbered houses by having spiced and mulled glow wine.

1. Brussels, Belgium

Christmas Markets Of Europe - Brussels

The elegant style of Brussels Christmas market attracts many other people throughout the world. Here people will enjoy the night sound-and-light shows on the Grand Place.

The market contains 240 wooden cottageshost artiststhroughout the world selling handmade crafts, souvenirs and kaleidoscope of Christmas goods.

Also go through those many food stalls and indulge yourself in the tradition of European style food. Every year, Brussels invites a unique guest of honor for setting up the market.

2. Austria

Christmas Markets Of Europe - Austria

Just think of how will be experience of spending the time in warm glow, cozy fires, and plenty more in a small city that is fully surrounded by mountains.

Simply Superb…Right! Among the several markets, the most romantic is in the Old Town. Here the stalls are heaped with gingerbread, wooden toys and several stunning ornaments made of handblown glass.

3. Hamburg, Germany

Christmas Markets Of Europe - Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the best Christmas markets of Europe. Everyone enjoys Christmas a lot in Hamburg and is very famous for sheer diversity. This historic ports hosts about 15 different markets suitable for all tastes.

Here the stalls are themed in rows in front of the grandiose city hall. Here you will find sweet treats like chocolates, cakes and more, crafts made of leather, silver, etc. Children will have Toy Street, which is full of playthings around the world.

4. Lille, France

Christmas Markets Of Europe - Lille

Lilly is the city that stuns their guests with its sparkles and glows. Here the wave of a magic wand, the city takes on a festive atmosphere and welcomes you to the winter wonderland.

If you have ever dreamed of visiting an unforgettable Christmas Market, it is the place to go and do some excellent shopping. Here you will find more than 80 chalets with festive foods, Christmas decorations, and nativity figurines.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Christmas Markets Of Europe - Barcelona

Here the Christmas Market is the tradition since 1786. Here the stalls are placed in front of the cathedral and sells decorations, ornaments, fir trees, mistletoe, garlands, etc.

Here everyone wants to indulge himself in those truly delicious foods. You’ll discover figures, moss, cribs, fountains and the snooping caganer, who appears in shocking new semblances every year.

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