5 Affordable And Best Christmas Markets In USA

By on November 12, 2014

Each year more cities and towns are hosting the Christmas Markets in variety of styles. These markets include foods, entertainment and music, all at one place to provide the people fun and various other activities.

Christmas Markets in USA

So, here are the best Christmas Markets in USA to enjoy this year:

1. Christkindlmarket in Chicago

Christmas Markets In USA - Christkindlmarket

This Christmas market brings a cherished German and European tradition with international flair and local charm to Chicago. Each year, people from all over the world visit this Christkindlmarket Chicago.

Here the outdoor market in the Chicago Loop has become so popular and even loved by each. Once you see the whole market setup, you will say that you could imagine the city without it.

Here the unique shopping experience, distinctive German drinks and foods, and also the distinctive holiday entertainment make this Christkindl market in Chicago as a most preferred destination to enjoy the Christmas vacation.

2. Union Square Holiday Market, New York City

Christmas Markets In USA - Union Square Holiday Market

The Union Square Holiday Market in New York City is attracting millions of visitors throughout the world. It’s a very fun place to gather with your friends and family. Here you can connect with local artisans.

Similar to a European Market, the Union Square Holiday Market is also held outdoors. Here the pathways lined with festive bough-trimmed wooden stalls.

Here you will get Hanukkah themed items along with Christmas Ornaments. Also this market is famous for plenty of non-holiday specific items and ethnic items.

3. Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Christmas Markets In USA - Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Christmas Village in Philadelphia transforms the Love Park in the city into a traditional German Christmas Market. This Market starts from Thanksgiving (11/27/2014) until the last Sunday of December (12/28/2014).

Here more than 60 wooden booths will be opened to sell the traditional European foods, drinks and sweets. Also you will have great shopping experience here with all the international holiday gifts, jewelry and quality arts and crafts.

4. Christmas Village in Baltimore

Christmas Markets In USA - Christmas Village in Baltimore

Baltimore Christmas Village is a combination of indoor and outdoor holiday market at West Shore Park in the Inner Harbor. Every visitor will have unique shopping experience with all the available items like gifts, jewelry, ornaments, etc.

Here the outdoor area will bring the original Christmas Village charm by bringing the wooden huts of the traditional German style to the City of Baltimore.

5. Downtown Holiday Market, Washington, D.C.

Christmas Markets In USA - Downtown Holiday Market

This annual Christmas Market will go beyond the traditions of European food. This event boasts one of the most spectacular outdoor shopping environments in the region. T

he market will start from Friday, November 28 and will run until Tuesday, December 23. This year, the Downtown Holiday Market will bring you the unique shopping experience with lot of gift items, such as paintings, jewelry, textiles and pottery.

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