5 Best Christmas Markets In Germany You Will Love

By on December 3, 2014

The first mention of a Christmas market can be traced back to the middle ages in areas where the German language was spoken predominantly.

Germany like other countries has his share of popular Christmas markets, which associate themselves with celebrations which take place during the period of Advent. In fact these markets are a great way to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Markets in Germany

Have a look at these popular Christmas markets in Germany, where you will love to shop.

Munich Christmas Market

Christmas Markets In Germany - Munich

This is also known as the Christmas Market of Munich Christkindl Market and is located in Marienplatz. This market is strategically located in the center of the town and is very popular among its residents.

The Christmas market in Munich is famous for its assorted glass crystals and Bavarian carvings of wood. There are various musical concerts held in this market and they take place in the evening.

Inside the town hall of Munich various crafts and art presentations are undertaken and children participate in them.

Dresden Christmas Market

Christmas Markets In Germany - Dresden

The Christmas market in Dresden dates back to 1434. This is not only one of the popular Christmas markets in Germany, but also in the world as it has a huge Christmas pyramid and the largest nutcracker in the world.

If you love traditional German food, then you would love “Stollen” which is a traditional cake for Christmas. Here the largest cake is made and it weighs over 4 tons and is 13 feet in height.

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Christmas Markets In Germany - Nuremberg

This market is located in the main area of the Nuremberg city. The Christmas market in Nuremberg is opened with a breathtaking celebration and a local girl acts like a Christmas angel.

Here she reads a prologue sitting in the Nuremberg’s Cathedral balcony. While visiting the market do look into the decorated huts and enjoy the special Bratwursts.

Berlin Christmas Market

Christmas Markets In Germany - Berlin

Next in the list of best Christmas markets in Germany is Berlin Christmas market. There are about 60 Christmas markets in Berlin. But the most important one is the Gendarmenmarkt.

This market has both German and French Cathedrals in its surroundings and there are many tents where you can watch the craftsmen at work. Other important markets are the Hanukkah Market, Alexanderplatz and the Unter den Linden.

Cologne Christmas Market

Christmas Markets In Germany - Cologne
Cologne has 7 Christmas market. The market located near the Cologne Cathedral is the best market. This market has the largest Christmas tree in the area.

During Christmas many concerts are held near the cathedral and you can listen to them. You can also enjoy various wines and local food which is sold in these markets.

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