5 Best Christmas 2016 Destinations In South America

By on December 16, 2016

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals and it is widely celebrated throughout the world. Visiting South America would be one of the best things to do for people who like to celebrate Christmas in different places away from home.

One of the best reasons of celebrating Christmas in some of the best Christmas 2016 destinations in South America is it is almost summer season there during this time of the year.

South America’s Best Christmas 2016 Destinations

Some of the best Christmas 2016 destinations in South America that are worth visiting are included below:


Christmas 2015 Destinations - Brazil

Photo Credits: alobos Life


Brazil is the best place for you to experience the ‘dia de festas’ on 25th December. Christmas celebrations in Brazil include lights and decorations around the huge Christmas dinner and recreating the entire nativity scene.


Christmas 2015 Destinations - Argentina

Photo Credits: karinfalkweltreise.com


Argentina is worth visiting during Christmas because of the warm weather there. The Christmas celebrations in Argentina start from early November and because of the growing population of Catholics, Advert is also celebrated by the people. The houses in Argentina look really beautiful with lights of white, green and red flowers.


Christmas 2015 Destinations - Santiago

Photo Credits: XitoEspinozita


Santiago is another great place to spend the Christmas holidays in South America. The weather here is simply awesome during Christmas and it is also considered one of the busiest destinations during Christmas. Patagonia in Santiago is more accessible and beautiful.


Christmas 2015 Destinations - Quito

Photo Credits: danyarias


Quito truly ranks among the best Christmas 2015 destinations in South America and there are good reasons supporting this fact. The place is filled with great sites where people can celebrate Christmas in the best way possible.


Christmas 2015 Destinations - Lima

Photo Credits: wagner200808


Christmas celebrations are on their peak on Christmas Eve in Lima. People in Lima celebrate Christmas with a sleepy and relaxed feel. There are various restaurants and dining avenues in the city where you will come across pre-Christmas hustle and bustle and the scene of choirs singing.

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