5 Best Chinatowns In USA That You Must Visit

By on February 18, 2015

Chinatowns are small community areas of Chinese people who live outside China. One of the first Chinatowns was established in USA during the early part of 19th century. The oldest of them is considered to be the one in San Francisco.

Best Chinatowns in USA

If you love visiting them, then here is the Best Chinatowns in USA which you can explore.

Chinatown in San Francisco

Best Chinatowns In USA - San Francisco

When you enter the area between Grant Avenue and Bush Street in San Francisco, you would feel that you are in China. This area has been the home for the earliest immigrants from China and is a hot spot for Chinese culture.

This Chinatown is located near the financial district and each of its corners has its own story to tell, which is rich in culture. If you love good food then visit the Hang Ah Tea Room and the Golden Gate Bakery.

The Busy Chinatown at New York

Best Chinatowns In USA - New York

New York is a city where people from multiple cultures live together. When you travel from 5th Avenue in New York to the adjoin Chinatown you would enjoy the trip down the memory lane. There are nearly 12 Chinatowns in New York City, and best ones of them are at Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

The area is filled with varieties of shops which sell different Chinese artifacts, authentic Chinese food and also various Chinese products. If you want to enjoy Chinese food then do enjoy the healthy dim sums, cakes made from turnips and tofu made from almond milk.

Also do taste the traditional hand pulled noodles which are made in front of you and served for you to enjoy in various dishes.

Exploring the Chinatown in Chicago

Best Chinatowns In USA - Chicago

The Chinatown in Chicago has been established in 1869 and is considered among the best Chinatowns in USA. The population is over 70,000 and you would enjoy the varied spots that you can explore here.

If you love museums then you can visit the Chinese American Museum of Chicago. Also do not forget to visit Lao Sze Chuan and enjoy the legendary dry chili chicken dish there.

Chinatown in Honolulu

Best Chinatowns In USA - Honolulu

Chinatown in Honolulu is one of the oldest Chinatowns of USA. If you are visiting Hawaii, then you must visit this Chinatown to enjoy the local flavors. Chinatown in Hawaii is different from other Chinatowns in USA. Here you will not only find people from China, but also from Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and Philippines.

In the daytimes, this place is filled with shops selling tropical fish and fishes, and street vendors selling many varieties of goods. And during nighttimes, this place becomes lively with parades, clubs, and bars. Of course, you should not forget to taste the delicious typical Chinese food available here.

Chinatown in Boston

Best Chinatowns In USA - Boston

Next in the list of best Chinatowns in USA comes is Boston, which is the third largest Chinatown in USA. It is centered Beach Street, downtown Boston Chinatown was established in 1890 in Boston.

Along with the Chinese restaurant, ethnic shops and markets, you can also find Japanese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian restaurants and markets. You can enjoy the flavors of delicious native Chinese food at this place.

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