5 Best Chicago Boat Trips For Sightseeing

By on November 14, 2015

Chicago Boat trips are one of the best methods of exploring the famous architecture, the awesome skyline and the rich history of Chicago. Some of the best views of Chicago are perched right at the mouth of the famous Chicago River meeting the gigantic Lake Michigan.

You can get the best sights of some of the famous attractions from the deck of a cruise ship or even from the seat of a speedboat. The cockpit of a well-chosen kayak would always be one of the most suitable choices for having the sight of the famous attractions of Chicago.

Speedboat rides and architecture boat tours make for the best ways of seeing Chicago through the waters.

Chicago Boat Trips

Best Chicago Boat Trips

The best Chicago boat trips for exploring the beautiful architecture of Chicago have been illustrated below:

Chicago Line Cruise

Chicago Line Cruise is praised as the best architecture tour in Chicago and even the most engaging boat our available amongst the many boat tours in Chicago. The boat tour provides the visitors as well as the Chicagoans with stunning sights and deeper appreciation of the architectural design found in Chicago.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey boat tours give the travelers the scope of sailing down River Chicago to have a view of historical events and modern architecture in the city. At the Odyssey, travelers or visitors to Chicago are treated royally while they enjoy lakefront dining, DJ entertainment and amazing skyline views.

Seadog Speedboat Tours

Seadog generally offers narrated architectural and fun speedboat tours accommodating around 1250 passengers. The guests in this boat tour can get the enjoyment of a thirty minute lakefront speedboat ride and even a thirty minute thrilling ride.

Chicago Line Architectural Cruise

Chicago Line Architectural Cruise is one of the best Chicago boat trips for exploring the architecture in Chicago. This cruise partners with History Museum of Chicago presenting one of the most exclusive and in-depth architectural boat tours in Chicago.


With the Wendella you get the chance of exploring the architectural as well as the modern history of Chicago. Various varieties of narrated tours by professionals are provided by Wendella for exploring the history and architecture of Chicago.

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