5 Best Budget Vacation Ideas In USA

By on June 11, 2015

Enjoying a filled vacation is the USA does not necessarily require spending countless dollars; a completely fun filled vacation can be planned out on a shoe string budget.

Even though the economy has improved in the past few years Americans are wary of splurging too much money on vacations. A well planned out vacation can provide a value for money trip without sacrificing on fine dining or proper accommodation.

Budget Vacation Ideas In USA

We have here to offer some budget vacation ideas in the USA for an exhilarating trip with your loved ones.

Yellowstone National Park

Budget Vacation Ideas - Yellowstone National Park

Americas National Parks are some of the best in the world. All you need to spend is the entrance fees and feel free to pitch a tent for a week.

The park has the largest collection of hot springs and geysers. There is a lot of wild fauna including bison, bobcats, mountain lions, wolves and more.

Long Beach Island

Budget Vacation Ideas - Long Beach Island

If you ever run out of budget vacation ideas you can always visit Long Beach Island for an enthralling experience like no other. It makes a great surfing destination; people who are can’t surf can learn from the famous coaches for a very low fee.

San Antonio

Budget Vacation Ideas - San Antonio

San Antonio is a resemblance of the western pride. The modern city is excellent with a lot of tourist destinations. There are gleaming skyscrapers and the Sam Antonio Missions National Historic Park that speaks about the city’s religious past.

Apart from that, there are famous museums and the widely popular River Walk with so many cafes and restaurants that offer great food at reasonable prices.


Budget Vacation Ideas - Nashville

Nashville is known for great musical performances by the most famous artistes in the country. The city has a lot of artistic and musical delights to enjoy.

Be it the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Grand Ole Pyry lives studio – they all have affordable entrance fees. The city is also known for its affordable food at some of the most iconic places.

Myrtle Beach

Budget Vacation Ideas - Myrtle Beach

The clean beaches are the biggest draw in South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach but that is not what defines it. It is one of the best family destinations with hundreds of golf courses and some of the best amusement parks in the country. You cannot afford to miss out on Ripley’s museum where you can commune with sharks.

These destinations prove that an enjoyable vacation does not need to be expensive in order to enjoy them. You can spend little on these destinations and enjoy loads.

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