5 Best Beaches Of Maui You Will Love

By on May 30, 2015

Maui is a place that features a coastline that is 120 miles in length and this is the reason why some of the best beaches are found in Maui. The beaches in Maui are not just beaches but they also feature parks with restrooms, picnic facilities and lifeguards.

The best beaches of Maui are red, black and white sand beaches popular as windsurfing and surfing spots. They are also the best beaches throughout the world where you can simply snorkel, sunbathe and swim.

Best Beaches of Maui

Some of the best beaches of Maui where you will love to spend your vacation have been detailed below:

Kaanapali Beach

Best Beaches Of Maui - Kaanapali Beach

This beach is in close similarity to the Waikiki Beach and it serves as a hotbed of different activities because of its ideal location. The famous Kaanapali resort is located very close to this beach along with other affordable hotels.

The beach is 1.5 mile long and activities that can be enjoyed at this beach include sailing, volleyball, surfing and parasailing.

Keawakapu Beach

Best Beaches Of Maui - Keawakapu Beach

The Keawakapu beach lied hidden between Kihei and Wailea and serves as the South paradise of Maui. It is one of the best getaways for people looking for solitude from the crowds of the Maui islands.

The beach is quite small but this should not fool you. You can enjoy ideal swimming conditions at this beach along with an abundance of white and soft sand.

Kapalua Beach

Best Beaches Of Maui - Kapalua Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Maui with a bay protected with a line of palm trees along with lava rock.

This northwestern beach of Maui is just a few kilometers away from the historic Lahaina Port. Calm waters of this beach offer great scopes of swimming to the visitors.

Baldwin Beach

Best Beaches Of Maui - Baldwin Beach

The Baldwin Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches of Maui located at a distance of 6 miles from Hana Highway. It is a beach that is perfect for families travelling for a vacation with children.

Hookipa Beach

Best Beaches Of Maui - Hookipa Beach

It is one of those beaches in Maui perfect for watching windsurfers and surfers. It is a beach where visitors get ample scopes of laying down, swimming and watching the famous Hawaiian sea turtle.

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