5 Best Beaches In Northern California You Must Visit

By on April 16, 2015

People love going to the beaches for a vacation. This is because, cloudy or sunny, beaches possess a beauty that is quite calming and helps in washing away all worries while a person is there.

There are some beautiful beaches in Northern California and when it comes to holidaying, there are a lot of people who make it a point to visit some of the best beaches in Northern California.

Best Beaches in Northern California

Here are the best beaches in Northern California, where you will love spending your holiday.

Stinson Beach

Best Beaches In Northern California - Stinson Beach

Stinson Beach is sited on Northern California coast close to San Francisco and it is a 157 miles of rough coastline. This is basically a wilderness beach that is open for exploring and provides wonderful views of the James Island. It is very easy to walk on this beach and it is a complete delight for vacationers.

Natural Bridges State Beach

Best Beaches In Northern California - Natural Bridges State Beach

Next in the list of beautiful beaches in Northern California, which you will love to visit is Natural Bridges State Beach. This beach is famous for the natural beaches, which are spread over a section of beach.

This beach is a beautiful place to view waves, shore birds, whales, seals, etc. When there is low tide, you can have a glimpse of ocean life like sea stars, sea anemones, crabs, etc.

Muir Beach

Best Beaches In Northern California - Muir Beach

Muir beach is located about 2 miles from the entrance of Muir Woods National Monument. This beach has a cove and a fresh water lagoon. This rocky beach is filled with coarse sand many large boulders. But, this stunning beach attracts many local tourists.

Redwood Creek is the popular spot in this beach, where you can have the view of shore birds, salmon, amphibians, etc.

Gold Bluffs Beach

Best Beaches In Northern California - Gold Bluffs Beach

One of the spectacular views rendered at Gold Bluffs Beach is that is elks browsing in morning fog. You will also find the California Coastal Trail running along this beautiful beach and this gives easy access to some secret waterfalls and unexplored coastline.

This beach, which is located in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, is one of the popular places for camping in North California.

Baker Beach

Best Beaches In Northern California - Baker Beach

Baker Beach is one of the most marvelous beaches in Northern California rendering unimpeded sights of Marin Headlands and Golden Gate Bridge. This is mile long beach located on the foot of serpentine cliffs.

This beach is unsafe for swimming due to large waves, but it provides a stunning view. One important thing to remember while visiting this beach is that the northern section of this beach is considered as nude beach.

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