5 Best Beach Vacations In January To Enjoy

By on January 1, 2015

January is the perfect time for planning a vacation. Just after the Christmas and New Year’s celebration, people generally prefer a family vacation to some exotic place for the much needed refreshments before resuming works, as per their regular schedules.

For family vacations, beaches vacations in January are considered as the best places for both adults and kids would love the place. Furthermore, beach vacations are chosen for complete relaxation for a few days.

Beach Vacations in January

Here are 5 best beach destinations in January across the world, if you are looking forward to a beach vacation:

1. Rincon, Puerto Rico

Beach Vacations In January - Rincon

January is the winter time in Puerto Rico and thus weather remains mild as well as soothing. Fresh azure water, white sands and surrounding Rocky Mountains at western part of the beach would mesmerize you.

2. Kauai, Hawaii

Beach Vacations In January - Kauai

Beaches of Hawaii are always considered as the best holiday vacation destinations. The exotic beaches, coupled with picturesque scenic charms, are certainly very rejuvenating.

Kauai is one of the best beaches in Hawaii, especially if you are visiting in the month of January. Kauai is a great place adventure lovers and beach sport lovers.

3. Long Key, Florida Keys

Beach Vacations In January - Long Key

Located in the middle of Florida Key, this tiny beach is a perfect holiday destination for the honeymooners, lovers, family vacationers, etc. Picturesque natural surroundings of this place are just amazing. You will get the relaxing charm over here – a fine break from the cacophony of daily urban bustles.

4. Laguna Beach, California

Beach Vacations In January - Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a true exotic beach destination. The classic Californian coastline can be experienced at this place. The beach town is famous for exquisite art and culture. It offers excellent restaurants and ravishing nightlife fun to the travelers.

5. Grand Isle, Louisiana

Beach Vacations In January - Grand Isle

Grand Isle beach, which is located in Louisiana, is a perfect destination for beach vacations in January. Grand Isle beaches offer serene natural charms and a lot of activities for the beach lovers.

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