5 Best Aruba Beaches That You Will Love

By on August 31, 2015

The beaches in Aruba feature fringing turquoise waters and they also include quiet retreats, water sports and busy sunbathing meccas and shaded expanses. The coasts are lined with luxury resorts and filled with fun activities.

People who are fond of beaches can always visit the best Aruba beaches to relax on comfortable lounges while snorkeling, waterskiing, kite surfing, swimming, parasailing, tubing and banana boating.

Best Aruba Beaches To Enjoy Vacations

Some of the best Aruba beaches, where you will love to spend your vacations have been detailed below:

Eagle Beach

Best Aruba Beaches - Eagle Beach

Photo Credits: Bryan

This is a wide strand featuring deep plush sands and is also the longest beach in Aruba connecting Druif and Manchebo. Eagle beach is a family-friendly beach offering you great scopes of enjoying various activities like snorkeling, dive trips and catamaran sails.

Palm Beach

Best Aruba Beaches - Palm Beach

Photo Credits: Jeff Bergman

The interiors of Aruba are rocky and arid featuring cactus and scrub but the western coast of this island boasts of many sandy shores with Palm Beach being one of the most popular beaches. This is a beautiful two mile stretch which is tourist-friendly.

Baby Beach

Best Aruba Beaches - Baby Beach

Photo Credits: Peter Dedina

This is a true paradise in Aruba. It is a gorgeous and beautiful half-moon beach located on a quiet lagoon. It is one of the best Aruba beaches because of its shallow waters making it the best destination for all those families touring along with their children.

Mangel Halto Beach

Best Aruba Beaches - Mangel Halto Beach

Photo Credits: wyrwoll01

This beach has been named after the abundance of tall mangroves found here providing the ideal underwater environment for one of the most precious beaches and reefs in Aruba. This beach not only serves as a picnic spot for romantic couples and families but it also features a colorful and rich marine life.

Boca Catalina Beach

Best Aruba Beaches - Boca Catalina Beach

Photo Credits: Dan Souza

This is one of the best choices when it comes to escaping the crowds found on the other beaches in Aruba. The beach is easily accessible either by car or bus. The waters here are shallow with different varieties of tropical fishes making it the best destination for kids.

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