5 Beautiful Places To Go, If You Love To See Penguins

By on January 9, 2014

There is something interesting to know about the funny creatures, penguins!! Are you a travel minded bird watcher and do you love to see those lovable tiny creatures, penguins?

If so, then you don’t need to travel quiet far to watch these flightless birds in the wild-most penguin species live in much easier and less expensive places for people to see.

Here are some strikingly and beautiful places if you love to see penguins.

Penguin Island, Perth, WA

Places for Seeing Penguins - Penguin Island

The lime stone island is very small and inhabited by wild population of little penguins especially fairy penguins located in Western Australia.

If you love to see and enjoy the most graceful and tiny bird creatures, don’t miss to visit this great place where penguins spend most of the year around sea and has a regular visits from various penguin species.

Mainland West Antarctica

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to watch March of Penguins first hand? Then, it is the place where that stunning charismatic creature goes down! Mainland West Antarctica, Antarctica’s highest peak is an amazing true adventure vacationer’s ice dreams come true and is the home to emperor penguin rookeries.

Places for Seeing Penguins - Antarctica

New Zealand

New Zealand is a unique place for several penguin species such as world’s smallest penguin, the blue penguin, crested penguins and yellow-eyed penguins and even it offers perfect watching opportunity. These flightless and bit awkward creatures yet look so beautiful when floating through water.

Places for Seeing Penguins - New Zealand

Cape Town, South Africa

A trip to South Africa offers you plentiful opportunities to watch African penguin, Jackass penguin due to its typical donkey like bray. As the name indicates the Boulders beach in Cape Town creates an impressive setting for photographing the penguins.

Places for Seeing Penguins - Cape Town

Galapagos Islands

A rarest species among penguins is the Galapagos penguin and is found only at the north of equator in the wild.

Places for Seeing Penguins - Galapagos Islands

Cruising by motorized boat along side of Punta Moreno offers good opportunities to see the penguins. Diving around the Sombrero Chino Island can also offer a view of beautiful resident penguin family.

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