5 Beaches Where You Can Have Best Beach Holiday In Greece

By on January 30, 2016

It is quite difficult to make the choice of the most beautiful beaches for Best Beach Holiday in Greece. This is mainly due to the fact that there are a number of beautiful beaches in Greece. There are beaches for the kids and there are beaches for activities like swimming, snorkeling and partying.

When in Greece, every individual is in the look out of a good beach but these individuals have different criteria. Most beaches in Greece are found to be very well-organized with changing rooms, sun beds, bars and restaurants. However, there are other beaches which are completely isolated and secluded.

Beaching For Best Beach Holiday In Greece

Some of the beautiful beaches for having best beach holiday in Greece are as follows:


Best Beach Holiday In Greece - Balos

Photo Credits: Guy Fawkes

Balos beach possesses raw beauty that is very difficult to describe. The beach features soft and white sand with a landscape kissed by crystal, turquoise waters. The entire landscape at this beach is framed by dramatic mountains and islets.


Best Beach Holiday In Greece - Sarakiniko

Photo Credits: Yannis_Kx

This is a great beach for the ones who enjoy swimming because of its clear and amazing water and the golden and soft sand. This beach boasts of having the most wonderful looking water among other beaches spread throughout the world.

Navagio Beach

Best Beach Holiday In Greece - Navagio Beach

Photo Credits: Photo_nori

This is an isolated beach served by boats only. Snorkeling explorations are best enjoyed at this beach featuring deep blue waters, large caverns, dramatic and vertical cliffs and coarse white sand. The decaying and the embedded shipwreck found in the middle help in making this beach one of the most special beaches in Greece.

Elafonisi Beach

Best Beach Holiday In Greece - Elafonisi Beach

Photo Credits: kalani50

Elafonisi Beach is one of the beautiful beaches for having best beach holiday in Greece. This beach lies on the southern coasts of Crete and ranks among the best beaches in Greece. Some of the best hotels are located at this beach.

Mylopotas Beach

Best Beach Holiday In Greece - Mylopotas Beach

Photo Credits: Tamara Muyskens

Quick drop off for the visitors fond of swimming and wonderful sand make this beach one of the most sought after beaches for beach vacations in Greece. This popular Greek beach has best resorts like Paradise Beach of Mykonos and Platys Gialos.

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