1800 Flights Cancelled Due to French Air Traffic Controller Strike

By on June 12, 2013

Yesterday, nearly half of the flights from the busiest airport of France have been cancelled, when the France’s air traffic controllers went on three day strike. This has resulted in cancellation of 1800 flights and nearly 7650 flights were rescheduled. They are protesting against the liberalization of civil airspace under the Single European Sky project.

Flights Cancelled Due to French Air Traffic Controller Strike

As a result many airports and airlines have rescheduled their flights in order to overcome the havoc created by this three day strike. International Air Transport Association has said with this strike, yesterday there has been nearly 400,000 minutes delay across Europe by diverting the flights through alternative routes. This situation is going to become even worse today, when Belgium, Slovakia and Hungary too join this strike.

As of now, Air France has cancelled nearly 480 flights today. American airlines, United, and Delta, the biggest airlines in USA have already warned their customers about disruptions in their travels through, or to France.

Ryanair has cancelled 200 flights yesterday and 244 flights today. EasyJet cancelled 128 flights yesterday and today. British Airways has also cancelled many number flights yesterday and today. Other airlines from various countries have also cancelled or rescheduled their planes through or to France.

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