11 Must Carry Hiking Camping Essentials

By on January 7, 2014

So you are wishing to go for hiking? Are you ready with everything you need to take with you while camping?

Yes, having the right equipment with you for your hike can make much difference in your trip as far as you enjoying wonderful experience or a miserable misfortune.

This article help you what to bring or carry some of the key essentials that could accompany you as you head hiking outdoors.

What to pack while hiking?

It is important to stay safe and comfortable wherever you head for hiking. No one can expect what is going to happen in outdoors hence make sure of packing the most essential hiking accessories to avoid dangers.


Hiking Camping Essentials - Navigation

Navigational items are the first n foremost thing to consider, if you are thinking of going for hiking. Such items include maps, navigational GPS, and compass. But, all these items can be replaced by your smartphone. Just download the required navigational applications, and use them.

Protect Yourself From Sun

Hiking means you are getting exposed to sun throughout your walk in the day light. There is every chance of getting tanned. So, it is best to wear sun glasses, and sunscreen lotion while hiking to protect yourself from Sun.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Sun Protection


A safe and enjoyable camping and hiking experience must begin with perfect clothing since proper clothing will ultimately be very closest to your body and make you comfortable.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Clothing

Avoid using cotton based attire since cotton causes sticky, uncomfortable and wet feeling due to its moisture trapping nature.

Polyester is a better alternative as it removes water vapors as well as does not allow moisture to enter into your body and permit your body to breathe. Multilayered clothing helps you in this winter to keep you warm.

It is also better to keep some extra clothes as it would be helpful in situations like getting lost, unexpected nightfall with reaching the destination, etc..

Protect Your Foot

Another most important hiking camping essential is footwear as you will be walking throughout your route. So, utmost care is to be taken for your foot. Wear appropriate comfortable hiking boots or shoes.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Footwear


Though your hike starts at 6 am and will be finished by 12 am, still don’t forget to take flashlight and solar chargers. A bad climate or an injury could easily keep you out all the night. LED lights are very small and bright and also last for longer hours too.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Flashlight

Basic First-aid Kit

The kit should not have to be big but it must include few bandages, disinfectants, sterile wipes, pain killers and adhesives.

Hiking Camping Essentials - First Aid Kit

Keep Some Extra Food

You may never know when you may get lost on your hiking track and go round and round. So, it is always advisable to keep extra food to face such situations.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Extra Food


It is obvious that you will get thirsty while hiking. You may not find pure drinking water through your track. Thus, you should not start hiking without keeping enough pure drinking water with you.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Water


Fire starters like matches (preferably waterproof), candles, lighters, etc are another hiking camping essential. Whether it may be for lighting your stove, camp fire, or for just having some light, they are helpful during night stay, while hiking.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Fire

Emergency Shelter

It is best to have emergency shelter items tarp, Bivouac Sack, etc. Out of tiredness or slow walking, rain, or some other unexpected situation, you may need to take a temporary break. In such situations these things can be helpful in preparing a shelter for you.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Emergency Shelter


Something may got stuck in your shoe, you glasses may break, you may need to cut the bandages or cloth, etc; these are situations when you will be need of a knife, or a screw driver, etc.

Hiking Camping Essentials - Tools

Carrying whole tool kit can be a bit heavy right, so better go for a Swiss Army Knife. It will be helpful in many ways.

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