11 Essential Things To Include In Your Backpack Gear List

By on November 7, 2015

Prior to departing for a day hike or a hiking trip, make sure to get hold of good quality backpack gear. It is very important to get the right things for a smooth and safe hiking trip. This actually means spending good amount of money on getting everything that is included in your backpack gear list.

You would not require much equipment for short hiking trips but long hiking trips can be a little difficult and therefore you should be in possession of the right things required for the trip. It is always very important to remain prepared because there are chances of getting lost during a hiking trip.

Things For Backpack Gear List

Some of the most important things that must be included in your Backpack Gear List are as follows:

Backpack Gear List


Getting lost during a hiking trip is in no ways an option. Therefore, it is necessary for you to learn the correct method of reading a map or using a compass in tandem.

Fire Starter, Matches Or Lighter

Water proof lighter and matches are quite handy and they should always be carried during a hiking trip. Apart from these, sparking fire starters are helpful for such trips.

First Aid Box

First aid box containing bandages, pain relievers, anti-septic spray, anti-biotic ointment and various medicines is considered a good investment for hiking trips.


Water is one of the most essential things that you should have during a day hike because dehydration is something that you do not want to experience on your trip.

Rain Gear

Carrying a reliable and good quality rain gear helps in the prevention of hypothermia which is the biggest cause of wilderness death.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags make for a comfortable hiking experience and hence they are absolutely necessary.

Proper Clothing

Two to three comfortable t-shirts, shorts, one or two trousers and a water proof jacket are the things that you need when it comes to carrying proper clothes for a hiking trip.

Swim Wear

Swimming shorts for boys and bikinis for girls are best but only if you have planned your hiking trip to a beach.

Hiking Boots

Good pair of hiking boots that can last the monsoons and the tropical forests are utterly important for not so comfortable hiking trails.

Mosquito Net

You might not need a mosquito net very often but in times when you need these nets, you would be thanking yourself for carrying one.


Deodorant and shampoos are some things that you can do without but it is always good to bring these things during a hike.

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