10 Useful Women Travel Solo Tips

By on April 15, 2014

Women considering traveling solo will be the best things to have their own set of challenges and joys. It can bring you an extraordinary experience but also gives you some challenges ranging from loneliness to your safety.

Here are some of my best women travel solo tips and advices to make your trip safe and more rewarding.
Women Travel Solo Tips

  • Know the risks before you start exploring the world. The more you learn about your destination, the happier and safer your trip will be. Careful planning is the key to your successful and safe travel.
  • To avoid unwanted and attracting attention, dress conservatively that means don’t show off your body too much.
  • Being well-prepared helps immensely to look confident at new places. Avoid showing your fear, ignorance while on the road. It may encourage others unwelcome attention and give wrong impression to take advantage of you.
  • Simple but it is a good idea to keep an emergency contact number always at hand and also let your family members know your whereabouts.
  • Keep your all valuables like expensive jewelry, etc at home.
  • Look, move and act as if you know everything what you are doing and where you are going. This may prevent from appearing like an easy target for mischief and helps you avoid any potential danger.
  • Make sense and don’t go out in the late nights.
  • Making direct eye-contact or even smiling shows wrong sign of encouragement in certain countries. So, be reserved and polite.
  • Book ladies hostels where safety is good and public transportation that is close by or readily available.
  • Wearing a ‘wedding ring’ or having a burly man photo in your wallet is the best way to deflect unwelcome attention. It pretends that you are going to meet your husband so that you will not fall as a prey to others.

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