10 Useful Tips To Travel To London On A Budget

By on November 21, 2015

London is the thriving capital of England and it is also the largest metropolitan region in the United Kingdom. London attracts around 15 million visitors every year and has a reputation of being one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world.

Though, London is considered an expensive city, there are some methods that can help you travel to London on a budget.

Tips For Travel To London On A Budget

Here are some tips to travel to London on a budget, which you need to follow for saving some extra money during your visit.

Travel To London On A Budget

Stay In A Budget Hotel Or Hostel

There are a large number of hostels, budget hotels, and B&B hotels in London that can help you in staying at extremely competitive prices.

Choose Accommodation Neighborhood Carefully

When going for cheap hostels, it is important for you to choose accommodation neighborhoods will restaurants, local pubs and some quality take-away shops.

Use Oyster Card for Travelling

The use of Oyster Card for travelling helps in cutting prices on individual rides and this comes as one of the most5 effective methods of saving money while travelling to London.

Visit Free Attractions

There are many amazing and beautiful attractions in London, which are free to visit and these can easily be visited without spending a single penny.

Affordable West End Theatre

You can enjoy a West End Theatre show without spending a lot of money by buying tickets for the show in advance. Buying in advance helps you in availing discounts.

Try Getting The London Pass

Getting hold of the London Pass will help you in getting a free entry to at least sixty popular tourist attractions in London.

Book Tickets Online

Another best way for travel to London on a budget is to book tickets online. You can always beat the queues and even save money by booking all your tickets online. These will include your airplane tickets and tickets to the popular attraction in London.

Do Not Have Food In The City Center

Try staying away from the restaurants located at the centre of the city because you will end up paying a large amount of money for your meals.

Collect Citymaps and Folders

You must try and collect Citymaps and folders because they are filled with various promotional offers.

Travel By Foot Or By Bus

Traveling by foot or by bus is relatively cheaper in comparison to the other alternatives like the trains and the taxis.

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