10 Things About Travel To Jordan Safety

By on February 27, 2014

Are you planning to make a trip to Jordan? If you are curious to enjoy Jordan trip, there are some things you should know before traveling to Jordan in order to make your trip safe. Here are some facts to know for travel to Jordan safety. Take a look!

Things to Know to Travel Jordan Safety:

Travel To Jordan Safety

  • Arriving at the airport is quiet confusing! It is not advisable to hire local unregistered taxi drivers who crowd as you arrive.
  • Remember that you are going to travel in a Muslim country not a conservative one. Too much exposure of body is not allowed particularly for women. So, make sure to cover all your body especially when traveling in Amman’s city.
  • Taxis are available as means of transportation for tourists. Within the Jordan city, cab rides are reasonably priced and should not cost more than $2-$3 and gets double after mid-night. For the accurate fare, ask the driver to start meter when your ride begins.
  • When coming to currency exchanges, there are no restrictions on the money you export or import. But, it is difficult to exchange Jordanian currency outside of Jordan. Hence, you must exchange all your Jordanian currency at the airport at the end of your trip.
  • Importation of pornography is completely banned. Import of corals, sea shells and snake skins is illegal and sentence for drug smuggling is death.
  • Jordan poses certain health risks to tourists like Hepatitis A and B. Therefore, it is strongly advised to all visitors that get inoculations for such ailments as well as tetanus.
  • Travelers should make sure to have appropriate medical insurances before leaving home.
  • Single woman going for shopping in downtown must be avoided.
  • Be careful on your conversations, don’t make loose talks which may convey your story as Jordan has most renowned secret networks; most are on their taxi drivers, hotel porters etc.
  • Make sure you have good communications or contacts in Jordan and familiarize yourself with the local area layout while staying in Jordan.

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