10 Most Popular Attractions in Tunisia That You Shouldn’t Miss

By on August 8, 2013

Attractions in Tunisia Attractions in Tunisia are a treasure trove of beautiful sights along with cultural and historical splendor. Tunisia is one of the countries in which castles, temples and almost every homestead is immersed in antiquity. It is the reason why tourists all over the world flock to visit the attractions in Tunisia.

Attractions in Tunisia are predominantly linked to its colorful and eventful past. The country is rich in historical and archaeological heritage. Here you can find more than 20,000 historic monuments and relics of Carthage.

Here are the beautiful spots to visit in Tunisia:

Sahara Camel Rides: Tunisia covers a part of Sahara, which is the largest in the world. As only the edge of Sahara is covered by Tunisia, oases are abundant in the place. Get the glimpse of Saharan life by visiting the Tunisia’s Saharan Oases.

Ezzitouna mosque: People who are interested in religion matters, they can visit Tunisia’s mosque of Sidi Sahib. This mosque is located in the middle of old city market complex. It is also called as a center of learning and preaching in the middle ages.

Tunisian market: In Tunisia you can purchase lots of cheap items, especially in Tunis, which is a popular commercial port.

Acropolium: This church is located in Carthage. The real name of the church is Saint Louis Cathedral, which is the largest among the churches in North Africa.

Tunis Panorama: Tunis is the capital city of Tunisia. It is a very unique city and here you will feel as if you are in two places at once. This city is divided into two areas – European quarter associated with narrow and meandering streets and the Muslim quarter with narrow and meandering streets, built during the occupation of French in Tunis.

Bulla Regia: This is a roman city famous for its semi-subterranean houses that belong to the Hadrian period. Surrounding the city, there are various structures whose design is magnificent and they truly deserve appreciation. Within the city you can various wonderful attractions like Basilicas, Temple of Apollo, Alexander Church, etc.

Dougga: This city has declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This city has much to present about Roman remains as well as architecture in baths, temples, theaters and villas.

Djerba: German, Czech, French and Italian tourists just loving coming to this location. This is a largest island located on the northern end of Tunisia. This city offers Roman sites, potter’s village, historical monuments, relaxing resorts and sponge-fishing to its visitors.

Tunisia beaches: Here the most popular beaches are located in Hammament and Jarbah. Due to the coastal position of Tunisia, most of the beaches can be found here. The hot weather and excellent hotel facilities can unwind your day.

Chemtou: The city is famous for its museums and marble factories, which takes you back to the past and remind you about the Roman period.

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