10 India Travel Essentials That You Should Not Forget

By on January 14, 2016

For the Western Visitors, one of the most expensive countries to visit in the world would be India. India is one country where there are a lot of tourist attractions which are worth visiting.

Tourists to this country can do a lot by having some foreign currency in store and they can remain sure of getting good value for their money. However, it is to be noted that your expenditure in India will completely depend on the places that you visit.

India Travel Essentials List

If you are thinking of the most useful India Travel Essentials then go through the ones enumerated below:

India Travel Essentials

Good Quality Plastic Bags

When traveling to India you must make sure to carry good quality plastic bags because they help in keeping insects and humidity out of electronics, toiletries and snacks stash. When traveling to India during the monsoons, make it a point to carry silica bags.

Thermos Cup

When traveling to India you must always carry a water tight and indestructible thermos cup. This cup might be useful for long train rides in India as you are sure to find a lot of “chaiwalas” here.


Good quality earplugs will help you in getting a good taste of Indian music and therefore they must be one of the most essential items in your travel bag.

Cable Locks

You must carry steel cable and suitcase locks for locking your suitcases and the backpacks when traveling by bus or train.

Head Cover

India is a spiritual country and there are many religious sites to visit in India. At most religious sites, people are expected top cover their heads and therefore a head covering would be necessary.

Good Shoes

Sand and dirt roads are common in this country and therefore good shoes should always be a major addition in your list of India travel essentials.

Proper Clothing

Proper clothing is necessary for the women and therefore make it a point to avoid packing shorts, short skirts, low cut tops and sleeveless tops when traveling to India. However, this practice has long been shunned with women wearing the clothes of their choice.

Hand Sanitizer

You will find mouth-watering street foods in India and thus if you want to taste such foods for once, it is necessary that you have a good quality hand sanitizer.


The sun can be very cruel if you visit India during the summer season. Thus, do not forget to carry sunglasses on your visit to this country.


There are different varieties of foods available throughout the country. If you gulp on all these varieties then medication for the stomach would be essential for you.

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