10 Best Vacation Spots to Travel in November

By on November 1, 2013

Well, November is the best time to travel around the world as it has the fantastic and beautiful climates and weather conditions.

Most of the people don’t prefer to travel in November as it falls under winter season. That means there will be less crowd and low rates in the hotels for accommodation.

You can go anywhere in many areas of south-east Asia and Latin America except Europe where you will find cold weather and heavy rains in November. Here we have compiled some of the best destinations to round up in November.

Sussex, England

People who are interested in watching pyrotechnic show associated with history lesson, a Bonfire Night in the U.K may not disappoint you at all. It is usually known as Guy Fawkes Night. This festival is celebrated in the name of Guy Fawkes who is one of the members of the Gunpowder Plot.

November Vacation Spots - Sussex, England

He had been caught while guarding kegs of explosives under London’s House of Lords in 17th century. Bonfire is celebrated all over the U.K. on November 5th in Lewes town in Sussex.

It is the most popular festival where adults like to have drinks in cheer, kids will have a great time in enjoying fireworks and they use to sing rhymes on terrorists and Guy Fawkes.

Los Angeles, California

November Vacation Spots - Los Angeles

Those who like to fill their trips with attractions and roller coasters, visiting Los Angeles is worthwhile. The city offers you Six Flags, Universal Studios and Disneyland to enjoy and have fun in November. As it has the mixed temperatures, it is best destination to travel for kids in the fall.

Rajasthan, India

According to Hindus all over the world, November is the month of Diwali also called as festival of lights. There is no other place except India to enjoy the festival where most of the Hindus live. It is the five day festival celebrated from November 13th – November 17th.

November Vacation Spots - Rajasthan

It is celebrated all over the world in triumph of good over evil. Rajasthan offers two-for-one deal to the tourists with its Pushkar Camel Fair and Diwali celebrations.

Celebrate thanksgiving in NYC

Thanksgiving is the American festival which is celebrated most widely in U.S. Most of the people would like to celebrate this festival along with their families at the end of November which indicates the start of the festival season. It offers tourists plenty to keep entertained too.

November Vacation Spots - thanksgiving in NYC

We can enjoy the parade regarding Macy’s Thanks giving day in the morning and wide range of restaurants and cafes which offers thanksgiving traditional meals. You can also spend few more leisurely at Union Square Holiday Market as it provides plethora of crafts, arts and jewelry.

Round up elephants in Surin, Thailand

In Thailand you can find various kinds of elephants. Visiting Thailand in November is great time as you can find hundreds of elephants participating in a march through the city of Surin. It is celebrated on third week of November on the Cambodia border.

November Vacation Spots - Surin

This feast is known for giant proportions called elephant breakfast. In the elephant stadium, elephants all together perform a show the following day.

Virginia and North Carolina

Here, you can enjoy the last weeks fall in November. Don’t miss to enjoy the scenic beauty with season’s colors. In this month, fall foliage with most vibrant colors will come and go to the northern states.

November Vacation Spots - Virginia and North Carolina

Make sure it will be in early November. Don’t miss to have a last glimpse of fall foliage in Virginia. You can enjoy the beauty of nature where changing leaves in vibrant bloom during first week – mid November.


If you are interested in desert adventures and beauty, then visiting Morocco is worthwhile. Enjoy the trekking through the Sahara. November offers you scorching heats which is the best time to have desert adventures in North African countries.

November Vacation Spots - Morocco

Morocco tops in the lists. Take a trip by car around morocco to ancient cities like Casablanca, Tangiers and Marrakech.

Cape Town, South Africa

November Vacation Spots - Cape Town

November is the great time to travel Cape Town in South Africa. We can get anything which is available in affordable prices. Take a trip to Durban plus which is known for safari actions. As the crowd is heavy in the following month, it is the best time to go Cape Town and we get hotel prices in cheap.

Luang Prabang

November Vacation Spots - Luang Prabang

Laung Prabang is another lovely and beautiful city in south Asia. November has the perfect weather where there will not get any storms. This could be a better place for budget travelers. Travelers can get bargains in restaurants and hotels all over the city.

Mexico City, Mexico

November Vacation Spots - Mexico City

The climate of the city in November is pretty much perfect. Hotel prices will be low in November. The airfares are also less to Mexico City from Canada and U.S. This city is famous for dining, shopping and night life.

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