10 Best Places to Travel in Greece

By on October 9, 2013

Greece is one of the famous tourist and most beautiful countries of the world. It is among the top travel destinations in Europe. Sunny beaches, friendly atmosphere, whitewashed villages, and tasty cuisine can make Greece as the most loved places of the Europe.

Hundreds of islands, where each one has its own share of stunning landscapes, cultural delights, nightlife scenes and historic sites.

Here is an overview of best places to travel in Greece


Best Places to Travel in Greece - Athens

To start with the capital Athens city of Greece, which has history of more than 3000 years, known for its mixed features like modern and ancient.

The city is famous for its ancient monuments and archaeological ruins which are popularly known as Acropolis, The National Archaeological Museum, the Theater of Dionysus, Ancient Agora and the Parthenon are the most visited locations in Athens.


Best Places to Travel in Greece - Thessaloniki

Next in the list of best places to travel in Greece is Thessaloniki. It is a famous city after Athens also named as cultural capital of Greece i.e. known for its social festivals, and events. A cultural program, Byzantine walls & White Tower, Museum are good to visit here.


Best Places to Travel in Greece - Santorini

Next best place would be Santorini, which is one of the best islands for photography and a must visit if you are visiting Greece. The Island consists of few small villages with beautiful and unique construction with blue tops. Fira and Oia are the most happening places for stay and food.

Meteora cliff

Best Places to Travel in Greece - Meteora cliff

Another one among the best places to travel in Greece is Meteora Cliff. It is a place close to the villages of Kastraki & Kalambaka which are located centrally in the northern Greece.

This cliff is around 366mts height and has ancient construction built by monks for meditation. Meteora is a Greek word, which means “suspended in the air”, as the name suggest it is suspended in the air.


Best Places to Travel in Greece - Delphi

It is known for its archaeological values and it’s believed to be the center of the earth. This is situated close to Athens about 2-3 hours drive which is at Mount Parnassus.


Best Places to Travel in Greece - Crete

It is the largest Island in Greece; it’s spacious and has nice coastal areas and also mountains. It has beautiful country side which is rich in olive trees. It has got interesting history for different civilizations. It is worth paying a visit to see the crowded sites and the pleasant country beauty.

The Island of Mykonos

Best Places to Travel in Greece - The Island of Mykonos

It is famous for its nightlife and entertainment with a friendly environment around the public places. This Island is located at Aegean Sea and part of Cyclades. Here you can witness the traditional white washed house.

Peloponnese or Morea

Best Places to Travel in Greece - Peloponnese

It is like a leaf shaped peninsula, located southern part of Greece. Places to visit are Rio-Antiriot bridge, famous Greek temples, Peloponnese echoes has got some history must experience, Venetian fortresses, Mycenaean Palaces and Byzantine churches.


Best Places to Travel in Greece - Rhodes

Next in the list of best places to travel in Greece is Rhodes. It is located close to coastal area of Turkey in Aegean Sea, It is famous for its beaches and pine forest and different variants of flowers like hibiscus & bougainvillea.


Best Places to Travel in Greece - Corfu

It is located in the northern part of Greece known for its yachting facilities and Greek mythology; it is influenced by different foreign rulers like Roman, British, and French.

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