10 Best Holiday Destinations in October

By on October 2, 2013

Want to take a break from usual stressful life? If you are planning your holiday travel in October, then you have come to the right place to make the perfect choice for your vacation.

Here we have compiled a list of some best travel destinations where you can enjoy a lot and make it as the most memorable trip of the year. All these destinations will come in your budget including luxurious accommodations and facilities.

October is the best month for holiday trips, particularly climate at home is getting gloomy whereas winter is terminating. October is the great month for European city breaks, but there is a chance to catch last sunshine at Mediterranean Sea as it is heading south.

Here are the 10 best cities to travel in October:

1. Munich:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - Munich

Munich is the classic place where everyone must have the experience of Oktoberfest, an annual tradition celebrated in Europe. Every year, millions of tourists visit Munich to experience Oktoberfest which starts from late September to early October.

It is celebrated nearly 16-18 days, including several activities like dancing, singing with plenty of beer. Oktoberfest is also known as Wiesn by the local people.

This occasion is celebrated in Theresienwiese, a place where you find several carnival rides, smaller food stalls, fields filled with 14 beer tents and beer stalls that run from 10am to till midnight.

2. Texas:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - Texas

Texas is a home place for most vibrant towns and cities in North American like liberal metropolis of Austin and Bandera. San Antonio is one of the most historical cities in Texas that you should not miss. River Walk is one of the romantic getaways for weekends.

3. The Caribbean:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - The Caribbean

The time between the end of hurricane season and the beginning of peak season i.e. late October to November is often a best time to visit Caribbean. But, keep in mind that, during this period, most of resorts, shops and restaurants will be closed. The time between August to October months offer great diving experience to the divers.

4. Mexico city, Mexico:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - Mexico City

Mexico City has an ideal climate with pleasant evenings and warm days in October. October is meant for many festivals and events in Mexico. The biggest cultural festival of the year is The Festival International Cervantino at month ending.

Coming to the weather, it is the best time to visit. October is the end of rainy season and there will be mild temperatures than rest of the year. Some more important festivals that are mainly celebrated in Mexico are Festival of Sun, Cabo comedy Festival and Expo Tequila.

5. France:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - France

France is famous for Roman temples, art and architecture, iconic landmarks and Renaissance chateaux etc., Most famous places to be visited in France are Eiffel tower, champagne, Mont St Michel, Adrenalin kick-Chamonix, Dune du pilot etc., Anyone can visit France at any time of the year.

6. Italy:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - Italy

October is the good time to visit Italy where prices start to drop with temperatures. Apart from that, we can observe more rain in October than in summer months. It is the best time to visit tourist attractions without crowds or too hot weather conditions. Also one can enjoy regional events and celebrations of saint days during harvest time.

Since 2006, The Rome Film Festival has been held in the month of October every year. Italy also has attractive and historic places like Rome, Pompeii and Florence that are famous for architecture and sculpture.

7. New England:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - New England

New England is the birth place of America with rich history, scenic villages, fascinating cities, outdoor adventures and cultural attractions at every turn.

Get the amazing experience by visiting white sandy beaches, brilliant fall foliage, light houses, panoramic mountain views, blueberry pie lobster and dock side restaurants with delicious sea food.

8. Fiji islands:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - Fiji Islands

Fiji is south pacific travel destination that offers more than 330 tropical islands and world’s clearest diving waters. October is the good time to visit Fiji as it features less rainfall, lower humidity, low cyclone risk and comfortable temperatures.

9. Napa valley:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - Napa Valley

Napa valley is California’s most wonderful destinations. Visiting Napa valley in October is the most beautiful time of the year. During spring, mountains and hills surrounding the valley are still lush due to winter rains and this gives you a thrilling experience.

10.Churchill, Canada:

Best Holiday Destinations in October - Churchill, Canada

Churchill is located on the shore of Hudson Bay. Travel enthusiasts who are looking for something up close and personal when it comes to ecotourism, this Polar Bear Capital of the world has something special to offer you.

During the months of October and November, the chilled weather brings the local polar bears that are traveling across the Arctic Tundra. The tourists can have a ride on those tundra vehicles to see the bears and various other beauties of wildlife.

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